Clan of the Caveman — Anointment Certification as the Clan of the Caveman

“We, Clan of the Caveman, testify here, that we are indeed Clan of the Caveman. We will face our enemies with eyes wide open preared to frag or be fragged. We swear that even if gibbed we will not dishonor the… members of our clan. When we strafe through corridors of stone, we will hold our heads high and our weapons at the ready.”

“Clan Of The Caveman (AKA The Caveman Clan) is a Quake / Quake II Player Clan which uses Captain Caveman as our mascot. We are listed on various Clan Pages, and we are a member of the Clan Ring. Check out our Member List to see the current members. Look for a -CC to identify any of the Caveman Members playing or the Caveman Skin in QuakeWorld and Quake II. We attended the big M3 event in NYC last year, Click here to see some pictures from Pseudo Studios. We also attended a few big Quake2 Events this year including, BattleLAN , Click here to see pictures from the event, and Gamers LAN , Click here to see pictures from the event. Our member, Paul Stankovics (Stank) organized the BFG Blast LAN Event in Queens, NY , on June 6th 1998 and September 19th, 1998. Click here to see some pictures from the BFG Blast Picture Page 1 or Click here for more from BFG Blast Picture Page 2. We are hoping to make it a regular LAN event so Click here for more information on the BFG Blast.”

Here’s some photos of the new basement gameroom!

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