GamersOrb: Quake 2 Orb — Female Fragsters and Multiplayer Combat Tactics

GamersOrb — Female Fragsters

“An increasingly larger proportion of women are getting onto the net and gaming. It has indeed been predicted, by a certain magazine which I have now forgotten the name of, that by 2002 there will be more women using the net than men and as a result more will be involved with online gaming… We will soon discover that females in game servers will become the norm…”

GamersOrb — Hellchick and LadyICE Interview, by Chin “Frosty” Wong

“What better way to find out more about the female gaming community than to talk to some well known female figures within it. caught up with none other than the 2 GameSpy maidens – Hellchick, Site Director for PlanetQuake and LadyICE, Site Director/Hosting Manager over at PlanetHalf-Life! We take a look into their attitudes towards gaming and more specifically, female gamers… read on!”

Quake 2 Orb — Multiplayer Combat Tactics

Quake 2 Orb — “Multiplayer Gaming isn’t a new genre… it’s The Future”

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