Il Terremoto Ritorna: Quake II reviewed by Giochi per il mio computer, Italy, January 1998

"Il terremoto ritorna." Courtesy of Review of Quake II, Giochi per il mio computer, January 1998

Insane Weapons Mod: The most insane Quake II mod ever!

Insane Weapons Mod is a mod that brings new, creative and insane weapons into the Quake2 world. Keeping in mind that this is an early weapons test, there is not much new in terms of features and gamemodes, but many of them are awaiting implementing! There are many weapons, features and items that you will need to deal with, but it's not a problem since everything is kept simple and managable.

PC POWERPLAY 22, February 1998, Australia: Technology that Makes the Magic, Playguide, and Creator’s Paradise

The arrival of Quake 2 signalled the end of just about everything else (other games, a social life, personal hygiene) for at least 6 months, as well as being another great leap forward to Upgrade Time for those with non-meaty PCs. Watching the phenomenon blossom is intriguing, though plotting its course is a no brainer. As expected, the online community swung into action from the outset. The existing 7.8 million or so Quake fan/news sites embraced the second coming with gusto, providing up-to-the-minute news and downloads... Quake 2’s long term value has been assured even only a few weeks after its release. There are enough hacks turned editor out there to sink the proverbial ship and the rate of people having a dabble is increasing every day. How long will Quake 2 last? Well let’s just say that if you played every single level, used every patch, made your own levels, played every TC you would be very old by the time you had finished. You would also die very happy. 

Vicious Vixens Voices: CTF Guide and Deathmatch Strategy by Zippy

Vicious Vixens Voices: CTF Guide and Deathmatch Strategy by Zippy In May of 1998, Peachies and Zippy decided to venture out and form a "twentysomething and over" female Quake2 clan. Why female and 20+? Peachies and Zippy explain: "We were in a clan before we started Vicious Vixens... but... most of the girls in the …

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The Pro-Rocket Manifesto by Cardiac, April 1998

The Pro-Rocket Manifesto or.."give me back my rocket launcher.. PLEASE !" in pre-defense of the PRO-ROCKET MOD-STANDARD, authored by Cardiac, April 1998 SO WHY DOESN'T QUAKE2 DEATHMATCH DO IT FOR ME ? Big can of worms here. I've got to start off by saying that I think id did a phenomenal job on Quake2. Besides …

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