Kablooie! Adventures in the Rocket Arena

Kablooie! Adventures in the Rocket Arena

Kablooie! was formed as a Rocket Arena 2 team in the spring of 1998 by rackboy and Greblaja. The two, having been members together in Clan Phantasm years earlier, ran into each other on a Rocket Arena 2 server and thought it would be fun to form a team to compete in RA2.

We chose to make K! a Rocket Arena only team because we feel it is the most fun and even mod for Quake; just you, the enemy, the weapons, and the map…best skills win. It is a pure form of deathmatch where timing spawns and camping items doesn’t determine the better team/player. After many matches on the OGL RA2 Ladder, the K! team managed to gain the #1 spot on both the Open and Modem ladders. During our time on the ladders, we got to know many great teams and players in the Rocket Arena community. Many of them are now playing Rocket Arena 3!

Kablooie: Hero Origins

Kablooie: Extra!

Kablooie: Clobberings

Kablooie: Headquarters

Kablooie: Portals

Kablooie: Sightings

QuakeCon ’99

Lanaholics Anonymous



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