Cicatrix Fan Club Interviews Warlock “the Railwonder”

Cicatrix Fan Club Interviews Warlock “the Railwonder”

by Ellie, 11/12/1999

What is the origine of the concept of Warlock?

In my beginning period as Q2 player , I played by the nick Evil_Tim. Evil because I like horror movies and Tim because my name is Tim. Later on I searched for a newer, better nick, Evil_Tim just sounded a bit childish. Few days later I saw the movie Warlock (about a man with dark powers). I liked that film so much that I took it as my nick.

Did you play Q1 ?

To be honest, I never played that game or knew it. I only played a funwar with Cx half a year ago against a belgian Q1-clan. So 0% Q1 for me.

When did you start to play Q2?

During November 1998 I sometimes played the game with my 33.6 modem because some friends of mine played it. I really started to play Q2 at the end of January (when I got Pandora).

Did you play single player?

I didn’t like it at all, so I played it just for a little while.

So you prefered to play multiplayer from the beginning.

During my 33.6 modem period, not really, because the telephonebill got to high J. From the moment I got pandora multiplayer started to be real fun. No high pings anymore (at that time) and fragging my IRC-friends in Q2 was fun.

Did you always play deadmatch?

In the beginning I only played lithium, Dm was to weird because you couldn’t fly anywhere and I liked to fly trough the Maps J From the moment that Cx began to play DM and we (me with [SoK]) played a war against them, I really started to like DM so much that I swiched to playing DM all the time.

Did you play in other clans before you joined Cx? Which ones?

2 clans to be excact. 1st [RS]  (Dutch clan of dtv, good dutch friend of me on undernet) Everyone in [RS] I knew irl or from my own undernet channel. you will always remember your first clan, the mood was so good that I had loads of fun. After a short while 2 [RS] members joined [SoK] (Insanity and Sludge, who were both visiting the same school as me). After a whole lot of nagging wrom their side I joined [SoK]. [RS] was still a supercoole clan, but I wanted to get better and for that you need to join better clans.

Did you look up at someone? was there a rolemodel?

In the beginning KINGPIN was someone I looked up to, but also Bosjer, Cronus and SemperFy were important exsamples because off their good rail-aim.

Who has tought you a lot ?

When I joined Cx I learned a lot from SemperFy, he took the time to teach me several things on his server in the evenings. I am still gratefull for it. I learned tactics from watching Q2 demo’s of good players like Shub, Scion, Immortal  and lord vader.  The aim I got from practicing a lot, also with gladiater bots. There was a period, about the time I joined  [SoK], that I only played on FFA servers with the railgun. That way I learned how to use the rail step by step.

How did you end up with Cx?

SemperFy asked me to join after the Cx-[SoK]-war if I was online regularly and if I would like to learn when I would become a Cx-member. You don’t turn down a thing like that, I always thought of Cx being my dream-clan ever since I started to play Q2. To me it was a dream comming true (tnx Droomfabriek » a belgian television programme where they try to realise your dream).

What are the best sides of a clan like Cx?

It is a good clan where you can learn a lot, we do much practicesand as a new member I had the chance to play. It is a solid clan with members that know each other trough and trough, and they are tipical quakers.

What are the down sides?

Uhm do you have enough Mb free because it is quite a bit :þ
No, really Cx is sometimes to serious about the game, if you do something wrong it is emediately thrown in your face (which is very educational) and some members are really weird freaks, yeah yeah you DawFighte for instance.

Were you one of the best from in the beginning?

Hehe, no not at all, I got better then the others since I’ve joined Cx, before that I wasn’t a born Q2 talent.

How do you feel about the fact that others look up at you for your railing skills?

A thing like that always gives you a good feeling, I think J: People asking if they can do a duel with you or telling you that they think your demo’s are super. It does give a kick J But like all players I have my good an bad times.

Do you think of yourself as being the best?

No, not at all, although some think I do. I have never played a map thinking “Jezus I am ruleing here” or I must have been drunk. Every match I play I see things I could have done better. The only thing I say is that I have gotten better lately.

What do you think is the best way to sit?

Watch on the side legs in Cx position.

Do you have a charm?

yes! J the 2 rings I got from my sister are definatly some sort of talisman. It was just as if I started to play better when I put those rings on my fingers. A little bit of superstition cant hurt.

How do you prepare yourself before a match?

I go to the toilet first, then I check the position of the mousepad and the mouse, I verify if my keyboard will slip or not and if i am seated comfortably on my chair.

What is it that appeals to you in Q2DM ?

Since DM I finaly got rid of the lithium rhunes J what’s more I think that you need more tactics in DM and the close combats are prettyer and more fun. The jumps in DM are of course also cool.

Is there a big diffrence beween FFA and teamplay?

In my eyes there is.

What are the differences?

In FFA you play alone and you do whatever you like, with teamplay you have to stick to the deals you made with your clan and are you dependent on your team to win or to lose. In FFA that is totaly up to yourself.

This cup you climed higher and higher, did you expect this result?

To tell the truth yes, when we joined the DM cup I knew we made a fair chance to get into the top 3, Cx had gotten better lately, so the cup was the best way to prove that the Netherlands should not underestimate these stupid little belgians.

Does it touch you to be in the finals?

It is rather touching yes, snif snif , But to reach the DMcup filals gives one a glorious feeling, someting like that is were you dream of as a newbie. Winning the cup would be a nice conclusione of this century for Belgium.

Do you think you are going to win?

According to me we surely can win, we proved ourselfs already against OL and we can do it again. This match will be without doubt the hardest, most sofisticated and most important match Cx has ever played. If we win lies in Gods and Pandora’s hand.

Do you keep track of theinternational scene?

On clanbase not realy, but I always followed clans like [MM].

Who is according to you the best international clan?

Memento Mori : super skilled players and they rule.

Would you like to play on such level?

I believe Cx isn’t far from such a level at this moment. But I’d like to be in an international duel championchip and maybe win it.

As you know a fanclub has been founded, what do you think of it?

I love the idea, what a woman can do.

Can you laugh with quake?

In the beginning I had moments of total hilarity, nowerdays I play it seriously and I get easilly pretty angry during a game (is that addiction or not?)

Do you mis anything on the page?

Demos of Cicatrix for example.

If you were to be a fan, who would be your hero?

my q2/q3 student.

Who is the man behind the phenomenon Warlock?

A gentile, young, handsome guy of 18 who helps in the house-keeping and tries his best at school :þ Other then that I am someone with weird and extreme humour who likes to go to dance/trance clubs, I have periodes in which I cannot be serious at all, but if I have to I will be.

Some know you are a Dj besides a Cx member, how did that start?

I started with that 3 years ago toghether with a friend living in my street. I use the programme Daar “Fasttracker” (dos) to produce
At first I didn’t know how it worked and that was a thing that I hated, but when I got the hang of it I got addicted. I still think music is a way to expand your mind. If you listen to music you are in another world and making music is total magic.

Which music do you make?

I am not a Dj like you know from parties, I just make music with my PC, at first it was hardcore last year I started to compose trance, dream and dance.

which question did you expect to be asked?

If I have a girlfriend !!!!!!!!!!!!

And what is the answer?

No [HINT] (a man has to think about his existence).

thanx Warlock and success with finding a girl. Hopefully you will win the cup.


Cicatrix Quake II Lan – Leuven

LAN Arena 7 2002: Interview with Warlock

cYtOsTaTiCa: Have you been practicing a lot for LanArena7?
Warlock: We started praccing again heavely after we heard that we could go to LanArena 7. Not 4 hours a day like Die Hard Bruce Willis players, but enough :o.

cYtOsTaTiCa: What do you think about the map-list?
Warlock: It’s okay, though it would have been better if they used the 5 EC5 maps (cpm4,poq3dm5,dm14tmp,ospdm5/6).

cYtOsTaTiCa: Tell us a little bit about your history, please?
Warlock: Well 21 years ago I was born under a full moon, later on both my parents came to realise that there was something creepy about me. My teeth began to grow and I started to have a lust for blood and young lolitas (Alicee for example). Since I couldn’t stand the sunlight during the day, I had to stay inside or sleep in my coffin. This ofcourse became pretty boring after a while and so I started playing online games in december 1999. My first online game was Quake2 which I enjoyed very much online. A few months later Semperfy asked me to join top belgium clan Cicatrix which I did and here it all started. I learned alot from beeing in such a good clan as Cicatrix was. I never liked the Quake3 test so I didn’t play it. Later when Quake3 full was released I gave it a try and my clan Cicatrix switched from Quake2 to Quake3. We won every lan we attented in Belgium with Cicatrix and we were twice best of benelux online + once reaching the eurocup3 lanfinals. After this, Cicatrix decided to give it a WuWuWu, as in quitting. I stopped playing for 2/3 months then during the summer but after this since I was mainly bored with the game. After these 2/3 months I started playing again and I enjoyed the game again. Playing public all the time and not beeing in a clan ofcourse became pretty boring which made me decide to look for a clan to join. I knew most of the deegrollers players from Quake2 and 1 player from my previouse clan Cicatrix (Koekieman) so I asked to join them. We became twice the best of benelux with deegrollers and won all the lans we attended but one where I couldn’t take part (best of benelux, organised by netgamez I think). Now we reached the eurocup5 lanfinals and this will be probably the last tourney deegroller attended for a while since we will go on a break. Back to the coffin I suppose :/

cYtOsTaTiCa: What clan are you afraid of the most in lan arena 7?
Warlock: iC,QPO smoking team, Forze mainly.

cYtOsTaTiCa: Are you going to visit Paris during your stay?
Warlock: Depends how soon we are out in the tourney. ‘If’ we go out in the 2nd or 3rd round we will have lotsa free time which gives us the oppertunity to check the mouling rouge femme in Paris. ‘If’ we reach the finals we let the mouling rouge femme come to us ofcourse and stay at the venue.

cYtOsTaTiCa: Kewl ;> Are you stressed before a mayor match?
Warlock: Not so hard as it used to be since I have ‘some’ experience now on playing major games both online and on lan. I’m still always a bit stressed before a game ofcourse, like who isn’t ? :) But as soon as the game starts, I’m fully focussed on gibbing my opponents or jumping in voids.

cYtOsTaTiCa: Do you think the quake3 scene is dying?
Warlock: It’s far from dying imo. Most clans just have a little summer break now which is normal. And if its dying slowly, I blame the CPL for fucking up their tournements by leaving Quake3 out and replacing it by a crappy game that isn’t even released yet.

cYtOsTaTiCa: Yeh, lame. Will rG start playing UT2K3 and why?
Warlock: Well can’t tell that now since the game isn’t even released yet, I’ve not yet downloaded the demo or the other test releases since it will be different from the final game. No use on wasting your time training a game which will be different when it’s final is released.

cYtOsTaTiCa: Would you describe each of deegroller member?
Warlock: Koekie is the godfather of deegroller, shaft the black ganstah rapper, toet the mhh toet toet ? bigvoet is the party ‘tent’ animal , lucky the person who always pukes on lans, impulse is the warper and me the dude with the cool dialect mm mmmm mmm.

cYtOsTaTiCa: Do you thinkg rG is making a chance at winning the cup?
Warlock: Every clan there has a chance to win imo. I think most of the people know now that no clan may be underestimated, especialy not underdog clans. I doubt it that we will win the cup there though, If we end up top6 I’d be happy enough.

cYtOsTaTiCa: Thanks for your time
Warlock: Np.

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