The Hague, Netherlands: Photos of the Olanpics LAN Party — 1998

"Nou hier zijn de foto's genomen op de Lan Party Olanpics * Gamepoint. Klik op de foto voor een groter formaat."

Clan Operating Room 3 — Cover Songs by the Dutch Quake Clan

"This Clan is a group of gamers that play a game called 'Quake' over the Internet. For those who are not familiar with Quake, visit the Quake homepage. For those who are, our roots are deep down in in the dark dungeons of an Hospital somewhere in the Netherlands. Where during daytime people 'are put together,' as they say. Only, some of us have different hobby's late at night… Axe preferred… And no prescription needed. If you're a dedicated Quake-player or a visitor just passing by, be welcome as our 'patient'… Expect no mercy though."

Cicatrix Fan Club Interviews Warlock “the Railwonder”

In my beginning period as Q2 player , I played by the nick Evil_Tim. Evil because I like horror movies and Tim because my name is Tim. Later on I searched for a newer, better nick, Evil_Tim just sounded a bit childish. Few days later I saw the movie Warlock (about a man with dark powers). I liked that film so much that I took it as my nick.

Limbo LAN Party: Gulpen, The Netherlands — 1998 and 1999

"Ze behoord (jammer genoeg) alweer tot het verleden, deze Limbo-netmeet van 11 t/m 13 december 1998 .... in Gulpen...Een geslaagde netmeet wel te verstaan .... met een perfecte opkomst (op 3 man na dan), een gezellig weerzien op vrijdagavond en een bijna niet te geloven samenwerking mbt het meesjouwen van beeldschermen, koffers, dozen en computers van "medemeeters". Een coooole sfeer zouden Abb en ik het willen noemen...."