GamersOrb: Quake 2 Orb — Female Fragsters and Multiplayer Combat Tactics

"An increasingly larger proportion of women are getting onto the net and gaming. It has indeed been predicted, by a certain magazine which I have now forgotten the name of, that by 2002 there will be more women using the net than men and as a result more will be involved with online gaming... We will soon discover that females in game servers will become the norm..."

Quake Scene South Africa — LAN Parties and the First Quake 2 Wedding

The South African Quake scene in the early 2000's is broadly featured with a special focus on the Valentine's Day 2000 "first of its kind" Wedding on a GameZone Quake 2 server between BadBoyBubba and db_High. South Africa LANgames website is included in the archive, with many photos of South African Quake gamers who attended LAN parties in 2001 and 2002. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy the deep dive! -Donde Gender Bending in Games by Dr. Kathryn Wright Gender Bending in Games by Dr. Kathryn Wright A few weeks ago, I decided to informally investigate a phenomenon I find intriguing: males who play as female characters (or who use female models, skins, or avatars) in games. This behavior can take many forms: playing Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, designing and roleplaying an …

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