Quake Factory: Quake II Models by Two Brothers, Stevie and Mr. Soft

August 8, 1999… Launch of the Quake Factory! We are two brothers (Stevie and Mr. Soft) who are 3D modelers and texturers. We have only done two Quake II models so far, but intend to produce more.


Quake Factory: Quake II Models

Modeling, Animation and Textures produced by Mr. Soft. Well here it is….. the latest weird Quake 2 player model from my somewhat strange brain. The little guy is called Mob Mob and began as a test to see if i could make the face appear animated. Anyway he developed into a full model and here he is along with his mate – Snotty.

Modeling, Animation and Textures produced by Stevie. This is my first effort at recreating something known into Quake II. I think it has turned out well, though you may think it looks plain. This is however because it is designed to look like the original bombermen from the SNES original. This is to keep the polygon count as low as possible. I have included six coloured textures and it is fully animated.

Modeling, Animation and Textures produced by Mr. Soft. Well here it is – a rabbit on a pogo stick. This is the second model i’ve created for Quake 2 and currently only has the one skin. Also the model doesnt have any sounds as yet so if anybody knows what a bunny rabbit on a pogostick sounds like please e-mail me!?!

Modeling, Animation and Textures produced by Mr. Soft. Sounds from Catch the Chicken Mod, Weapon coverted from Battroid Mesh. Our first model on view is the Space Chicken as Mr Soft puts it. They even have a story of how they got into Quake II. Mr Soft is a bit strange you see. I’m sure he will enlighten you later down the page. Anyway – Here are some animations and stills for you to see. Should you like the design proceed to the Download page and check’em out properly!

This is Mr. Soft‘s advert for his Chicken Mesh. It’s a bit ‘Mork and Mindy’ I told him, but he wanted it up here, so here it is people!

The Space Chicken Story: The story begins in a distant part of the galaxy. Millenia before life first sprung up on the planet we know as earth numerous alien civilisations had evolved and disappeared. Many of the more advanced races fought for supremecy, but one overcame all… A race of CHICKENS! Now having conquered the rest of our Galaxy the Chicken swarm has disovered life on Earth. A crack team of experts has been dispatched to prepare the way for the main invasion fleet…

Among them, Mr Soft – An infiltration and sabotage expert. Cybor Chicken – A highly advanced robo chicken. Psycho – Weapons expert, and generally mad! And… A blue chap that got on the wrong ship beliving he was going to see his mother on Alpha Centari. While undercover at a chicken farm (trying to make contact with Earth chickens) they discovered the horrible fate that lay in wait for their Earth brothers. Observing a chicken plucked before them Psycho pulled out a rocked launcher and blew the farmer into numerous pieces. Now they have made it their mission to take the Earth single handed for the glory of their chicken heritage. However the farmer was part of a secret organisation known as the Black Friars, now they have vowed revenge on THE CHICKENS FROM SPACE! The story continues…

Modelling, Animation, and Weapon by Stevie, Textures and Sounds (almost done) by Mr. Soft. Here is Stevie’s first model, called the Black Friar. Basically I have a little putty monk and I thought it might be a laugh to put in in Quake II. It turned out rater good with my brothers amazing texturing skills and my 3D artistry. I called it the Black Friar for one reason. It sounds better than the Monk. It’s quite detailed, take a look.


Quake Factory: Tools and Tutorials


MDL is it’s other name and can be used to make Quake and Quake II models. It is the first one that I came across and seems the easiest to use. I would especially recommend this to a Lightwave, 3DS user. It also accepts ASC (Ascii), SQF (Simple Quake Frame), though strangely it doesn’t support DXF’s. The animating can be done in either your modeling platform or in Meddle itself, and I believe you can make models in MDL from scratch, Probably a bit hard though. A must have!


Full name: NPherno’s Skin Tool, I didn’t put it all on as it made my picture look pants. It’s a nice viewer that I find useful. It can also be used to map all the skin data from the model to a picture for texturing. A great sized preview window, and a view of the texture along side make this a useful tool. A must have!


Lets see… There are many modelers that could be used. Lightwave by Newtek, or how about 3D Studio Max by Kinetix, hangon, you could use 3D Studio by Autodesk Alias Wavefront and many others could also be used. Lightwave is from what I hear the most used tool, it’s easy to use once the interface is sorted and great for film graphics. I’ve tried Max and I didn’t find it too easy. 3D Studio isn’t bad though. But, these are expensive! We’re talking around £2,500 for Max, about £1,500 for lightwave and probably around £800 for 3DS. As long as you can find a modeling tool which does the job and a converting tool which can change your models to a format recognised by a program like Meddle, then your fine. Animation, Bump maps, Ray Trace Rendering etc, are nice, not essential!


I will deal with the best one which is cheap, Paintshop Pro. This is the package which I have used to make this whole site and the textures for all the models here. Impressed? Of course it also boils down to imagination but the price tag of £50 is a bonus for even a small minded person. It has been upgraded emmensly from version four to five and I expect more to come. It is made by JASC Software It has many, many, many features from an expensive package such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. I would say, desperately avoid using Paint as it is a dire painting program. It will spoil you models.


Quake Factory: Download


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