ROKS Quake 2 Clan: Reach Out and Kill Someone

ROKS Quake 2 Clan: Reach Out and Kill Someone

[ROKS] Clan History

ROKS Clan News

A Farewell to ROKS… Show No Mercy: We have no merged with clan No Mercy [NM] to help them kick even more ass. So if you want some of this, then go there and come get some.

ROKS started on March 26, 1998. We have had many wars, over 30 were played and we only lost 3. All of us have become the best of friends in the process. We have made many enemies in the Q2 world and made some valuable friends, and none of us regret doing so. So if any clan out there still has a problem with us, then please direct your browser to the NM website and click on challenge, we will be more then happy to kick your ass. My LAN party is still on for the last weekend in March, and I recently realized that the LAN party will be held on the ROKS clan 1 year anniversary. I did not even plan it that way, and yes, the entire ROKS clan is still going to be there, and I might even be picking up some NM members as well.

We will see everyone around… and hope to even see you in hell! Peace out.

ROKS Clan Profiles








ROKS Clan Wars

ROKS Clan Friends’ Pages

Welcome To Peek-A-Boo Skins -by DeX-

No Mercy Clan

STPC: Shit Talking Pussy Clans


S.T.P.C. (aka: Shit Talking Pussy Clan) verb – 1. a clan or a clan member that talks so much shit, that they play worse then they talk 2. a clan of vertically challenged teenagers and / or are under the  age of seventeen 4. a fly-by-night clan that does not participate in any wars; usage in a sentence: Wow! That clan was definitely an STPC!!

Why did I make this page you might ask? Well let me give you a couple of reasons.

1. There are many STPC’s out there, I am sure that you can think of at least one.

2. I  hate going on a server and being challenged by a clan member and come to find out that their clan either sucks or bails during a war.

3. This page is dedicated to exposing all of the STPC’s out there, you know who you are.

What can I find on this page? Well let me tell you.

1. Various screen shots of a STPC losing to any of our clan members, screen shots of a STPC talking smack to us, demos of how the STPC lost, plays and just sucks in general.

2. You will also find many other facts and information about the STPC.

3. Plus, as a bonus, you will be able to email the clans leader and tell them exactly what you think.

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