Men in Black Clan: Return to Germany’s LAN Party Szene 1999

Men in Black: Germany’s LAN Party Szene 1999

Big thank you to Raoul Juchem (aka TeddysJam) for all the awesome [MiB] clan photos and videos.

Thank you Senecca and Christian Achenbach for the DarkBreed 99 LAN party videos.

Big thank you to John S. Weekley for permission to use his badass cover of Descent into Cerberon from the Quake II soundtrack:

Thanks as well to German Quake clan Schmerzerzeuger for their excellent photo and video archive.

Support the preservation of Quake gaming history: Your $1 a month will keep this project moving forward!

Thank you Quake God Ray, Quake God Beaver, Kristina, Christina, Eliot, Alan, Leslie, Peter and Kate for being Patrons for this project! Big thank you to the newest supporter Coleman! Welcome to the team producing this gaming history madness.

Thank you for watching!

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