Psycho Men Slayers – The Queens of Quake


Psycho Men Slayers – The Queens of Quake

“Under every floral print dress lies a lady wearing black garters, carrying a big f*cking gun!” Clan PMS, the first all-female Quake clan, founded in 1996, is featured in the latest Donde Quake 2? gaming history video [approx. 30 minutes length].
Clan PMS were trailblazers who held the first all-female Quake tournament, started the first website for women gamers ( as well as the original podcast for female gamers, by female gamers (“Lilith and Eve”), helping to beat John Romero at his own game along the way. As you will see, Clan PMS far exceeded their goal of making people stop and say, “Yeah, girls CAN play Quake too.”
Thank you Kate and Peter, Kristina, Nick aka Beaver and Quake God Ray for supporting the preservation of gaming history – one Quake 2 story at a time! If you are interested in helping to fund these weekly deep dives in Quake gaming history, please visit

Further reading from the DondeQ2 archives:

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