Psycho Men Slayers Mission

Our purpose in [cyber]life.

Mission Statement
Over the life span of PMS, members have lost friends because of trying to make PMS a top notch competitive clan, rather than a clan who has fun, who loves the friendship and *also* plays a damn GOOD game of Quake. If you are looking for a hard-core competitive clan, it is best you do not join Clan PMS. If you are looking for a group of fun-loving women who share your  passion for a game, and play a mean game of Quake, then PMS is the clan for you. We do take part in online clan matches, and tourneys, but that is not our ONLY focus.

PMS was never created to have a primary focus of “win win win”. PMS was started to allow females to enjoy being a part of an online Quake clan, and take part in the fun with their peers who would not reject or laugh at them because they were a girl. From day one, the focus has been on friendship and fun.  No matter how good or how bad a girl plays, she *tries* her very best and she deserved to experience Clan PMS, the friendship, and the fun.  Clan PMS is a group of females dedicated to bringing female Quake players together.

Message From Aurora, Clan Leader
I will never  be a part of changing PMS to a point where winning is the primary focus. I *refuse* to be a typical clan leader, and put my teammates down after a bad game because they messed up. I will never concentrate so much on kicking ass that I slam other clans and blame my low frag score on lag. I will *not* demand my clan members to devote all their free time to playing. I will NOT ask my friends (meaning ALL PMS members) to step down from from this clan because they have to deal with life and miss a practice.

As the Clan leader, what I will demand of each and every member is that;
You work with all members and commit to a suitable weekly time period to join clan practices. You understand that practice means you will be able to play as a *team* and know how your team plays. That you be aware of the fact that if you miss practices, you will not be included on the list to play in clan matches and tourneys. That you show every opponent you encounter the same respect you show your clanmates. That if you excel in any one mod or area, you volunteer your time to ensuring other girls in this clan have an opportunity to learn your skills in that area.  That you actively take part in the PLAYING and doing the fun stuff. That you understand that in order to be BOTH a fun clan and a winning clan, you HAVE to do your part and take it upon yourself to make practices and to learn from your clan mates.  That you work to make PMS a fun place to be and keep the Clan name a good one.

PMS has always been a very successful clan, and has been a comfort to many of its members. My heart, and what enables me to be a good leader, is knowing I am dedicating my spare time to helping the members have fun as a clan and as a group of friends who like playing Quake.

Code Of Conduct
Clan PMS is respected as a clan for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is because of how we handle ourselves during a game, our good-natured attitude, and our ability to gracefully take our wins as well as losses.

Code Of Conduct- Within the Clan
All members of Clan PMS must at all times show their clan sisters respect. Personal problems between members should be dealt with privately, and if it cannot be resolved, talk to your clan leader or Co leader to mediate. You must be willing to help out your clan mates, treat her with respect and help all members learn the skills you have acquired. With such a huge age range within the clan, you are also reminded that while you may even have kids older than some members, everyone deserves respect, and you are asked to be aware of the ages of our members and act appropriately in group settings.  As a PMS Member, your first priority must be to have FUN playing Quake with the ladies, followed by bettering your skills, practicing and kicking ass.

Code Of Conduct – During Games
No matter how upset you are, or how much you are winning or losing by, you will always show your opponent respect. You may be called a bitch or a whore, but you, will ignore it and keep kicking ass. As a Clan, we won’t tolerate cheating in any way, nor doing things like “disconnecting before the game is over because you are losing.” Any member who chooses to act like this during a game will be moved to an inactive list until you can prove you can handle yourself better on a server. remember, you win some and you lose some, but sticking with the game, and not giving up is just as admirable as winning!

Code Of Conduct – Ping Regulations
No PMS member should complain of unfair pings after the first 2 minutes of any game. If you connect to a game, and your ping is bad, you are encouraged to find another member who can play. If your ping goes wild after the 2 minute mark during a game, you should inform your team using team message mode, and take a screenshot of your bad ping time.
Sometimes halfway through a game lag will increase, in most cases the majority of people on the server will be having the same problem. It is perfectly fine to inform everyone on the server that you are experiencing severe lag, however you should NOT complain about your ping repeatedly, and in cases where the opponent is winning, you SHOULD NOT reference their win with better pings.  If your game is unplayable, drop and have another member play in your spot, or ask the opponent if they are willing to drop one player as well to even out the game.  Leaders who set up clan matches should inform the opponent of our ping rules,and request that they allow position fill-ins (incase of connection problems) or drop-outs to even the number of players on the teams. If your  opponent is unwilling to do this to ensure everyone has a FUN and FAIR game, leaders should find a new clan to play instead.


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