PC Gaming Is Not Just For Men Anymore

PC Gaming Is Not Just For Men Anymore

The Spacetec GameMasters recruit women gamers to join the ranks

LOWELL, Mass.—January 28, 1997 — Spacetec IMC, (NASDAQ: SIMC), the developer of the SpaceOrb 360™ RealLife 3D™ game controller, today announced that it has begun recruiting women gamers to join the existing Spacetec GameMaster team. This select group of women gamers will consist of the top players of Quake™, Duke Nukem™ 3D and Descent™, among other games. To enlist as a GameMaster, women must have tournament recognition and the desire and ability to master the latest PC games quickly.

Each woman GameMaster will receive a cash stipend, money for participating and placing in tournaments and an additional annual bonus based on performance. They will compete in various gaming tournaments around the country and be expected to make public appearances (Frequent interviews and some travel is required). Each member of the team also receives all expense paid travel, a SpaceOrb 360—the first true 3D, PC game controller, and official GameMaster clothing.

About The GameMaster Program

The Spacetec GameMasters are the first corporate sponsored gaming team in the country. “Sprint has Candice Bergen, Pepsi has Cindy Crawford and Spacetec IMC will have women GameMasters,” said Frank Trimboli, vice president sales and marketing of Spacetec IMC’s Consumer Division. “As women become involved in more professional sports and sponsorships, Spacetec has made this move realizing that women gamers have been a neglected segment of this particular market.”

The program was developed to promote the launch of the SpaceOrb 360, the company’s entry into the PC gaming market. Since the program started in August of 1996, the GameMasters have competed in various tournaments around the country and been featured in media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and MSNBC. “I think it’s great that Spacetec has taken the lead in recognizing the number of women gamers who enjoy playing games and competing in tournaments,” said Marcus Fusilero, Spacetec GameMaster and Fragfest Descent II Champion. “I have competed against many women gamers who have been outstanding players.”

How To Become A Women GameMaster

If you are interested in being one of the chosen few, please submit a letter that explains why you would like to become a GameMaster and how you could benefit the program. In addition, list your current gaming status in various tournaments and whether you are a member of an existing clan. Please send or email your letter to the following address by Monday, February 24, 1997.

Spacetec IMC Corporation
The Boott Mill — 100 Foot of John Street
Lowell, Mass. 01852-1126

Attn: Lisa Gain
Marketing Department: Consumer Division

About The SpaceOrb 360

According to game editors and top players, the SpaceOrb 360 has become “the controller” for Quake, this year’s anticipated top-selling 3D PC action game. With its unique PowerSensor ball, movement is no longer limited to front to back and side to side. Gamers now have the ability to move in all directions creating killer combo moves unachievable with traditional control devices such as the joystick, the mouse and the keyboard. The result is the fastest, smoothest, most realistic experience possible in these fast and furious 3D PC action games.

American McGee of id Software (the developers of Quake) says, “…it allows me to put all the controls I need to play Quake into the palm of my hand.” McGee adds, “We have seen a ton of new controller ideas come through our offices. Most of them end up literally going ‘through’ the office, since we tend to throw things we don’t like much into the walls. The SpaceOrb was the first controller to come here that did not end up in the wall.”


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