About the Psycho Men Slayers

The Start of Psycho Men Slayers

In June 1996, something incredible happened. A group of girls banded together to play, have fun and enjoy being one of the girls in a place where we were always one of the boys.
Having started Clan PMS after said group of boys laughed at the thought of *us* joining their Quake clans, I am amazed that three years later the clan still exists.  I find myself feeling sad in that I am the only original member left in PMS, but happy in the fact that we now have members all over North America. Members who leave the clan (or who are asked to leave due to inactivity) are not kept listed on our website, so for just a moment I would like to send out big warm hugs to the girls in Victoria BC who for whatever reasons, are no longer in the Clan. This is where PMS started. A little Internet cafe (which is now out of business), formerly called the Victoria Underground OnRamp cafe (AKA Slay cafe).

PMS-Aurora  (Leader), PMS-Goddess (2nd member / Leader),
(3rd member/Leader),  PMS-Ylara / Lady-Death (4th member)
(5th member), PMS-Jasp  (6th member),

The cafe was a fun place for us late-night Quakers. We’d hang out, play some games, taunt and let loose.  Every Saturday night was “Quake night” and up to 20 or so gamers would gather to see who was the best. Over time a few more females started playing, and Internet clans started forming. For myself and the other girls, we tried talking to cafe’s guy clans into letting us join. As time went by, and we got better, we soon realized they still weren’t going to give us the invites we wanted to “Clan ELM” (Evil Little Men). Big thanks to the guys in ELM who helped start our clan and make it successful:

Somberfire, Mr.gone, Zakath, Loki, Muppetman, and Godling. (yeah.. well, we never REALLY wanted to join ELM anyway :P). Big thanks go out to Mr. Gone for saying “You should start an all-female Quake Clan.. and call it PMS or something.” 

So, The Psycho Men Slayers were born…. as a joke. So we could say “We don’t need your clan, we have our own. And it’s GIRLS only!” The day after the decision to form PMS was made, I stayed late after work and made a PMS website so we could join the official clan list. ELM became our “Big Brother” clan. Sadly, Clan ELM isn’t around anymore.

“Under every floral print dress
Lies a lady wearing black garters…
… carrying a big f*cking gun!”

The Quote….

The Clan PMS quote has been “quoted” everywhere. It is sort of our clan trademark. When PMS first started, I was in my 5th month of pregnancy. It was an awfully hot summer, and most of the time I spent wearing an oversized ankle length cotton summer dress. Yes, it was a navy blue floral print dress. Most of my friends at the cafe often teased me, because I would be sitting in a chair at the cafe, wearing this very feminine dress, “glowing” with that radience only a pregnant lady has… and screaming “f*ck you bitch!” across the room to the guys I would be playing in Quake. The quote represents a lot. It represents the “every woman”. No matter how feminine a girl is, somewhere inside you’ll find that hidden sexy gun totin’ chick. :)

Over the past two years Clan PMS has had the honor of playing hundreds of Quake Clans, some good games, some bad. But all of them fun.   Clan PMS has always considered “fun” to be the number one priority.

Clan PMS isn’t just a Quake clan. it is a group of girls friends who met because of the game Quake (and Quake II), and who thoroughly enjoy having fun online fragging. We share stories about Quake, our kids, our jobs, frustrations and happiness. We have fun meeting each other, and doing little things for each other.  Sometimes I sit and wonder why I still do this. It takes up a lot of free time, and sometimes it seems like everyone has a blah week and we just don’t do anything. We’re sad when members leave, and we’re happy when girls ask us to become a part of the clan. It takes time to manage a clan, set-up games, practices and other fun stuff…..

The one thing I have come to realize is.. as long as there is a female out there who wants to be “One of the boys with the girls”, clan PMS will exist and I’ll keep doing it. We may not always play Quake, but we’ll keep moving towards new games, and keep providing a girls only place for female gamers.  Frag on ladies!

PMS-Aurora, Clan PMS Leader


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