Clan PMS: LadyDeath, an exceptional Artist and a kickass Quaker!

Clan PMS: LadyDeath, an exceptional Artist and a kickass Quaker!


The Art – both hand-drawn and digital

Clan PMS Portrait 1 Portrait 2 Portrait 3
Lumina 1 Lumina 2 Lumina 3 Lumina 4
Lumina 5 Lumina 6 Lumina 7 Mermaid
Centaur 1 Centaur 2 Ankh Diver
Emily Marie Silver Feather
Silver Pentagram Wooden Pentagram Violet Pentagram
Glowing Pentagram The Burning Times Goddess
Green Man Moon Pray Star Eyes
Starry Lady

Happy Anniversary, Moyra!

The Jar of Stars

Alone in the darkness…the echoeing pit of despair that is an eating disorder, I have found a tiny flickering light whenever I have a victory, however small. Waiting a few moments to avoid purging, phoning a friend, doing anything the eating disorder usually wouldn’t let me do.

Each flickering light seems so tiny, but I collect them, gently, lovingly, and put them in the empty jar that has been my heart and soul. One by one their light adds up, and I am able to see, for the first time, a bit of where I am. And as I search, a faint and greater light appears in a tunnel before me… and with my jar clasped to my breast, I begin the frightening hard journey towards it. The light grows stronger, and despite slipping, sliding, falling, hurting, I get back up and struggle towards it, holding my lantern before me. And lo, I emerge, blinking back tears from eyes wide with wonder. For the light is the daylight, and I have left that hopeless darkness behind me… and I know, that even if I should slip or fall again, I have my jar of stars to light my way. I have chosen life, and can see all the stars in the sky, all beautiful unique sparking people who have also made their way to the light, each with their own jars of stars. And I rejoice… I am NOT alone! And I am free!


“Not the Comic Book Bimbo either!”


Also-Know-As: Amy Marie
Age: 29
Perm Res: Vancouver, BC, Canada (Eh?)
Net Connection Speed: 500Kb/s (Low Pinging BITCH!)
Favorite Weapons: Quad Rocket, Grenade Launcher, and Telefrag
Estimated Skill: Rising Star (if only from a failed Rocket Jump!)

While not playing Quake, I’m usually being an Art Slave, or chatting on
IRC. My Hubby WhiteNight and I started our romance with him teaching me to
DeathMatch. (I love TF best!) I first played Quake to keep from going
Postal at Kinko’s – the deadend, high-stress day job. Quake is the
first-ever PC video game that I’ve played. I love to draw and want to be an
artist, when I grow up. One of my new goals is to do “portraits” of all the
active PMS members, when I’m not kicking butt in Quake.


How a work progresses…

The concept… The first detailed sketches… Drawing in the lines… The first Inks…

The end result!

Amy (a.k.a LadyDeath) resides in Vancouver, BC, Canada and can be contacted at:


Oh, and I’m sure some nice comments on her work would be welcome too! ;)

From all of your Sisters in Quake, we give you our thanks and our love!
We are honored to have such a talented artist amongst us!

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