Lenny and Larry Campaign and More Quake 2 Machinima Videos by ILL Clan

Lenny and Larry Campaign and More Quake 2 Machinima Videos by ILL Clan

The Internet Archive has brought back for public enjoyment Quake 2 machinima videos crafted by Brooklyn, NY’s notorious ILL Clan. These include a series on the 2004 Election, as well as several “first ever” forms of Improv Comedy with machinima.

Lenny and Larry Campaign Episode 1 “Dammit, This is America!”


In the Beginning, there was the Lumberjack!

Fed up with their lives as lazy, bumbling failures, Larry & Lenny decide the best place for them is Washington D.C.

Lenny and Larry Campaign Episode 2 “Lenny’s Message”

Every candidate needs a strong message, even if he doesn’t know what it is.

Lenny and Larry find out the hard way that it takes more than a cheap video camera to make a good campaign commercial.

Lenny and Larry Campaign Episode 3 “Cazzo d’Olio”
In the Beginning, there was the Lumberjack!

Fed up with their lives as lazy, bumbling failures, Larry & Lenny decide the best place for them is Washington D.C.

“Doors Kill” Never Before Seen Footage of Machinima in Action!

Production is well underway for our new series “On the Campaign Trail with Lenny & Larry Lumberjack.” Unfortunately, due to a terrible accident, there’s been a slight delay. You can see an outtake here that shows the dangers of working in the Machinima medium. Fortunately Larry’s insurance policy covers accidental death.

Common Sense Cooking with Carl the Cook
The First Ever Live Machinima Performance Comedy Short!

Lenny and Larry return to Mom’s Truck Stop to help Cook Carl with his cooking show. Performed, animated and recorded live in front of a studio audience at the Florida Film Festival.

ILL Clan Live at the FFF

The ILL Clan Live at the Florida Film Festival, as reported by The Discovery Channel.


About the ILL Clan

ILL Clan Productions is a collective of 3D artists, filmmakers and improvisational comedians focusing on creating animated episodic shows and works for hire using the machinima process and 3D CGI. Please view our movies page to see examples of our work.

The Machinima Process
What we do is novel in it’s method-we make animation using real-time 3d rendering engines used in today’s high-profile computer games. This allows us to record animation live and thereby speed up the production process. And because it’s saved as a special data file by the real-time 3D engine, we can tweak everything in post: camera angles, character animation and more. A simple breakdown of our process:

3D characters are created along with their basic movement animation and props and sets are designed.

Dialogue is recorded, edited and then played back as a scratch track for the computer puppeteers who record the action live and in real-time.

Post production:
Similar to traditional filmmaking, select takes are digitized and edited in non-linear editing software. Additionally, specific shots can be tweaked and refined in the real-time 3D engine with development tools to allow for more character animation, adjusting camera angles, changing characters position/action and other practices that are usually associated with the production stage.

Advantages of Machinima
We can produce Machinima much faster then traditional cell animation because we shoot live. And because we can tweak the original recorded data files, we can change anything you want in post. It’s like doing a reshoot without having to call back the cast and crew.

Many Uses
Besides traditional episodic animation, machinima is ideal for specialized shots. If your production needs an historical recreation, animatics for a complicated effects shot, an inhouse pilot or other shots requiring animation, CGI or a quick turnaround, machinima may be the way to go. Feel free to drop us a line or call to discuss the needs of your production and we’ll see how we can help.

Contact Us
If you are interested in hiring us to produce machinima animation or if you have questions about our services, please feel free to contact us: ILL Clan, Brooklyn, NY


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