Lenny and Larry Campaign and More Quake 2 Machinima Videos by ILL Clan

The Internet Archive has brought back for public enjoyment Quake 2 machinima videos crafted by Brooklyn, NY's notorious ILL Clan. These include a series on the 2004 Election, as well as several "first ever" forms of Improv Comedy with machinima.

The First Online Pro Sport for the Computer Gaming Crowd: PGL Official News Updates, Seasons 1-3

The first online pro sport for the computer gaming crowd. Sponsored by AMD, hosted by Ten Entertainment Network, and driven by popular demand, the PGL will do for computer games what the NBA did for two peach baskets and a medicine ball. We're talking serious revolution. How serious? How about $250,000 in cash and prizes in the first year? How about "quit your day job and start honing your deathmatch skills" serious? Okay - now that we've got your attention, read on...

Clan of the Caveman — BattleLAN, Newburgh NY, 1998

"We made it to BattleLAN in Newburgh, NY, it was our first Quake 2 event of 98'. We would like to thank Jesse 'BenReeper' Sutton and all his pals for organizing the event. Jesse is trying to organize future BattleLANs and hoping to make it a regular event, you can contact him at Benreeper@earthlink.net for more information or click the BattleLAN logo above."