R1CH: Quake 2 Bunny Mod (with special guest lecture from PlanetFargo)

R1CH: Quake 2 Bunny Mod 

Well actually, you need the client files first, which just contains the bunny model. Grab ’em from the link above and unzip with folders enabled to your Quake 2 directory. Once you have done that, read the instructions if you desire, then connect to a server of your choice.

One player is the bunny. The bunny has enhanced jumping (use attack and jump for different jumps) and vicious fangs, and starts with 150 health. The bunny cannot pick up any items, so it cannot heal itself (except for eating gibs), although it takes only 20% fall damage. The bunny should bounce around and eviscerate grunts by jumping on them.

All other players are normal Q2 grunts. The grunts shoot the bunny with whatever weapons they find. If the bunny is killed, the killer becomes the bunny immediately, with 2 secs of invulerability.

The client PAK also contains the server DLL: to start a server, launch a normal Q2 dm server then type the following at the console:

game bunny
map q2dm1

and you will be the proud owner of a Seriously Pissed off Bunny From Hell server!

Try it… you’ll be surprised.

If you’re by any chance interested, you can grab the full source with MSVC Project File (258kb). By downloading this file you argee to the terms of the Open Source Mod License under which this code falls.

Bunny ©2000 www.r1ch.net – bunny model is by MrSoft (Matthew Stephen) – l33ch3d it from www.polycount.com – thanks to Gumby for the l33t bunny conback and the cool title pic above. MOD inspired by an article on GameSpy.


Mod inspired by: A Special Guest Lecture from Phineas T. Bloodstave

Edited By – Dave “Fargo” Kosak

Here at GameSpy, we’re of the opinion that we should equally represent all available opinions to cover the entire diverse spectrum of gaming. With us today is Phineas T. Bloodstave, level 14 mage, who will present for us a short lecture entitled:


YES! I kill bunnies, and damn you all to hell. A lot of people think that bunny-bashing is merely a way for low-level characters to get experience points in their favorite games, like Ultima Online or Asheron’s Call. That’s a load of crap! For me, killing bunnies is a way of life. I pay $9.95 a month exclusively to kill bunnies. And I love it!

You heard me right, I kill bunnies. I’m a level 14 mage. I got to level 14 by killing bunnies, bunnies, and bunnies alone. Do you know how many bunnies it takes to get to level 14? Hundreds of thousands. And each and every little tiny death, every single divit-sized crater in the ground, and every cupful of splattering blood coating my hob-nailed boot was purely orgastic.


Don’t get me wrong, if I ever met a bunny that didn’t deserve a good pounding, I wouldn’t rush to for my reagents. But frankly, they done earned themselves a good whumpin’. Look at them. Look at their spiteful little noses and those big floppy ears, wiggling in the wind like snakes in the head of that, you know, that snake-god woman … thing.

Oh, you don’t think they’re just asking for a manbeating? How many times have you whacked a bunny in Asheron’s Call only to have him rear up and fight back? That’s right, those little punk bitches want somma me, and I’m gonna make sure they feel it. LOOK AT ‘EM! Just LOOK at ‘EM! Hand me a cutlass.


What is he doing?

Look at this man! What the HELL is this pansy smoking? Grawl-damned bunny-huggin’ liberal! FOR GOD’S SAKES, man, someone knock some sense into this fruit with a level 6 flame bolt. Doesn’t he see? Doesn’t he understand? God put bunnies on this green earth for us to
kill them and get experience points!

Wait, oh, maybe he’s fattening the little baby bunny up for killin’ later on. That’s good, wait, yeah, that’s a good idea. Throw the little ones back. Let ’em get big and strong so that they’re worth two or even three experience points. Oh he’s good. I like this guy, he’s real good.

I like to squish bunnies.


There! There’s another bunny! He’s looking at me. Look at the way he’s sneering at me with contempt. Where is my massive +3 electric club, the one with the bloody nails sticking out of it, labelled “Bun bun beater?” Hand it to me now, so I can put the fear of God into these impudent little rodents!


Now I will answer questions from you, the uneducated.

Fargo: Mr. Bloodstave, Earlier this year Graeme Devine posted a thoughtful essay on the subject of online worlds. He mentioned that the current modes of play were repetitive and rewarded players for repetitive activity, encouraging a kind of gameplay that caters to introverted and socially inept people. Do you think you’re socially inept?

Bite me!

Fargo: Thank you.

Intel “Bunny-people?” They should die, too.

You turd! If you were a bunny I’d bash your skull in. You’re probably one of those bunny-lovers, aren’t you? I bet you have bunnies in your pants right now. DROP ‘EM!

Fargo: Help.

[PlanetFargo is posted every Friday at GameSpy.com. Read the archives! Fargo is a online community gaming journalist loves squeezably soft cuddly-wuddly widdle bunnies, honest. Mail him!]


Pogo Bunny Quake 2 Model by MrSoft aka Matthew Stephen

A hyperactive bunny-rabbit on a pogo stick…

He has the ability to balance his pogo stick on his nose!

Bounce, bounce…. hop, hop…. ok, I’m not sure it’s that’s necessary to prattle on about this one. It’s exactly as the author desribed it: a bunny on a stick! It comes with 2 well painted, cute skins and a full bunny-wabbit soundpack.

“Here comes Peter Cotton-Tail, fraggin’ down the Stroggos trail…”


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