Springfield Frag Fest: Quake 2 Stroggfield — Stupid Strogg Jokes, by S. Mcgrew

"Where have all the campers gone? Lag time passing. Where have all the campers gone — Long time ago? Where have all the campers gone? Blown to fragments, every one! When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?"

CleanerWolf: Weitere Models für Quake 2 gibt es bei POLYCOUNT

You want to know why I'm called "CleanerWolf"? Well, at first I just called "Cleaner", that's the killer from "Nikita" and "Leon, the pro". Soon I realized that I was not the only player who called himself "Cleaner" and I just liked that on Bodyshop I was the Werewolf model from Brian Yee. Since I've been a wolf fan for a long time and this model was extremely cool, since then I'm the "Cleaner Wolf".