Ceegee’s Page of Quake Skins

16th July 1997 Oh happy day ! They tell me that I have twice the web-space that I thought I had ! Just think, can now whack up DOUBLE the turgid nonsense you’ve all (well, both…) come to know and, erm, know. Like this – my entry in the Q-Spy Skin Contest.

1st July 1997 – After endless sleepless nights wishing I had the talent to add horns to the player model for the MA skin, I realised that the hell knight was sat there doing nothing, waiting to be skinned ! You can, if for some reason you would want to, download the zipfile to use the re-skinned model (run quake with the switch : -game ma).

26th June 1997 – Saw a link to a very cool model patch on the SKINFORGE – it’s called the ‘Sex-Droid (89kb)’ by Bruce Krueger . What you see below is just my messing about with the skin on the model.


Minos Academy skins by Ceegee

So it’s been a while… My first Quake 2 Skin, for MA Clan, 29th January 1998.


Minos Academy ‘Bloom County’ Series by Ceegee


Skins for Other Clans Etc. by Ceegee


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