Temple in the Blue Rocky Mountain, by Hirose Takeharu — Takebo of Clan Acid from Japan

MAP temple2 (for AQ2)

“Thanks to you, it was officially released on AQMD. I think it was done according to the image. I was planning to make a Great Buddha, but I gave up and it became a different one. This one is difficult and needs more training. This time, the max of r_speed is also within 580, so I don’t think it is heavy. If you try it for a while, it may be difficult to meet for a small number of people and it will be prolonged.”


Download the map: http://tastyspleen.net/~quake2/baseq2/maps/temple2.bsp


“Demonstration of climbing to a high place in teamjungle.”

Download Part 1 — This is the route I found myself. It’s cool: https://web.archive.org/web/20010508030030/http://plaza18.mbn.or.jp/~takebo/date/jumpjungle.dm2

Download Part 2 — Some people know this: https://web.archive.org/web/20010508030030/http://plaza18.mbn.or.jp/~takebo/date/jungle2.dm2







Quake 2 Clan Acid


page of koke — The Action Master

NEDA page — It is on the page of Fishing Masters


I haven’t caught a lot of fish!


Hakkeijima area around Tokyo Bay (choose a number!) — In 1997, around 300 fish were caught around here.


Clan Acid Map List, by [acid]tms


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