Temple in the Blue Rocky Mountain, by Hirose Takeharu — Takebo of Clan Acid from Japan

"Thanks to you, it was officially released on AQMD. I think it was done according to the image. I was planning to make a Great Buddha, but I gave up and it became a different one. This one is difficult and needs more training. This time, the max of r_speed is also within 580, so I don't think it is heavy. If you try it for a while, it may be difficult to meet for a small number of people and it will be prolonged."

AQMD [Action Quake2 Map Depot] We don’t make ’em – We make ’em Official!

06/08/2000 @ 16:24 PST Stolen from Shugashack: "Werd" Greetings! The world of Action Quake 2, the mod that began the "realistic" mod frenzy! Think of all those mods out that are following in some way, shape or form in its footsteps. Quite astonishing. Have received many cards and letters this week. First one comes from …

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