Quake 2 Skins, by StrangeFate — Mario Vazquez, Digital Artist

Download StrangeFate’s Quake 2 skins here: http://www.strangefate.com/Freebies/Skins/q2skins.html

Q2 MALE MODEL BASE 05/07/1999

PAIN 05/02/1999


ERROR 03.18.1998

DoomGuyKiller 02.03.1998

Scorp 01.06.1998

AMOK1-Standard 01/01/1998


More StrangeFate Skins and 3D Models


StrangeFate: About Me, 1997 / 1998

After showing everything i could figure in my Web pages the time had to come where i would have to show a bit more about myself …hmmm, well i admit that this honorable thoughts come to me for the first time right now and that the main reason for this page is just cause i have to much webspace, and i like the idea of having you to scroll on my left frame to see all the menu entries (so switch back to 800×600). -The other more rational explanation for this page is that being rather a quiet person i often don’t clear stuff out and so i think that people know me wrong or misunderstands me, (working on my english would sure fix the prob in part huh ?).

Let’s start:

Call me Mario. I was born in Switzerland (Schaffhausen) some years ago, exactly at the 12.12.1974 (the date works great in any format, mm.dd/dd.mm etc.) so i’m about 23 as i write this. -My parents are from spain so my bro (yes i have one but he’s another, way too long story) and i ended in boardingschools (said that right?) in spain till i had finished the third class, contact to our parents were reduced to a visit per year or so, this comes out when parents say ‘we want the best education for you’…think about giving the best childhood nxt time, alrhought i must admit that i started there with long drawing sessions (had nothing else) and i would have not, being under the influence of my parents.

Anyway, some years later i was again in Switzerland (what ocurred in those few years? …didn’t i told you this is the short version of my life? oh, sorry, will talk to my producer about this).

Life started then for me, made my 4 years apprenticeship in the Arts school in Zürich, which was really a mess, techniques etc were some years behind what i was expecting and i wasn’t there for nostalgy, but what the heck. In those years i used to draw for fantasy magazines in my freetime ilustrating stories, covers, drawings for life roleplayers etc. The comp was taking always more and more of my time so i had to stop drawing as i found my actual job as PC stuff retailer in a Warehouse, exactly in a Manor Warehouse in Schaffhausen (some people will be bugging me again for writing this, but it’s my page and life.) If your plane crashes in the vicinity feel free to pass by, i might sell you something you never wanted or thought never would need.

Those 2 years passed without time to get back on drawing since the comp was eating all my freetime with those Vbasic tryouts and games. I few month ago i was that lucky to cross along the Quake2 skins scene to find there other artists with also great drawing talent at skinning and this brought me back to life could one say, focusing my time in my real interest which is ART. Skinning gave me the chance to combine digital and normal (analog?:) art with the other things i like, comp and games.

To know more about the habits and such of this person just keep reading.


I like interessant people and to be interessant a person must have something to show off or to come up with, it doesn’t matter if he/she has some talent on drawing, music, coding, skating, typing, eating etc. or just some cool hobby (and i don’t mean going out every saturday night), if you have/can any of this things then you also will have own personality that distinguishes you from the standard flat human (what of course doesn’t makes you better, but different). On a side note i must add that i also like girls for some reason I …. -I like cats that don’t meow, dogs that don’t bay, at last any sort of animal that doesn’t makes noises. -Guess i would also like aliens if they should knock on my door, either for some blabla or fragging (theirs if possible).


Quake2 (never been such a great fan of Q1), Jedi Knight, Turok, X-wing vs. Tie F, Pod, Need for Speed I+II, Privateer, Doom I+II (must try out #III), The whole X-com series, Diablo!, Dark forces, Tie Fighter (u don’t know how strong the dark side will make you…), Mechwarrior II, Ascendency, FX fighter (old but tons of moves, sound etc), Incubation (strategy at it’s best), tons of strategy games passed my comp bringing boredom…


StarWars trilogy, Indiana Jones I+III, Dragon heart, MIB, Manga stuff, old chinese kung fu movies, Abyss, Alien 2, Predator 2, Dune, Shindlers list, Jurassic park, Spaceballs, Stargate, Starship troopers (despide some comets coming from some lightyear away galaxy to earth in a few hours + other irrational stuff),James Bond, almost everything with Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Kiefer Sutherland, Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis.


Isaac Asimov novels, Imagica (by Cliff Barcley), Spawn and Curse of Spawn, Manga.


Drawing, Fantasy/SF art (of course), Alien figures, silence, fast food, nonsence, rain in summer, satisfaction, sleep, eat while watching a good movie, 3DFX, sound modules, my sword, any sword, CocaCola, Ice-Tea.

Things that get my curiosity and questions I’ve searching answer for.

Why me? What’s the sense of life? Why can i draw? Why they don’t just kill Fox Mulder? How can people be so stupid and bad? Is there an IP scrambler or else? How does a real UFO look like? 6474879*54375,64? Mom? What’s really down there on the oceans? why do i even bother about something if i’m going to die anyway? are most people really that boring or is it me? Why does Quake2 look at 800×600 the same as in 640×480? why do people harrass others instead of ignoring them? Why didn’t we receive UO here? What sort of people do read pages like this? are dolphins really that intelligent?”


StrangeFate The Plaque


3D Printed Custom Action Figures, by Mario Vazquez


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