UnixPro.net/QC2K — QuakeCon 2000 Photos, by Donovan Conqueror Young

“Desk at home.”
“Truck hauling large tires.”
“Large tires.”
“Doc Wilco inside the phone room.”
“Evil John, someone, Overkill, BB_Wolf, Aggs.”
“Evil John.”
“NOC and banner.”
“Overkill, Aggs, someone, Yoss, BB_Wolf.”
“Overkill, Tsuba, Cyn, Kuroyi, Manero in BYOC.”
“AMD rack.”
“Blurry network map.”
“DarkQueen, Nick, Kuroyi, Cyn at Bennagans.”
“Kingrat, Cyn, Yoss, Kuroyi, Shogun, Tapper, in NOC.”
“Press interviewing Aggs.”
“Myshra, pre-dye.”
“Some of the girls of Quake after a good swim.”
“Parking lot.”
“DQ in tournament.”
“Quake hair.”
“Myshra, post-dye.”
“Carmack’s talk.”
“John Carmack speaking.”
“Dlister, Misty, and H2H.”
“Random pic of the NOC.”
“Dlister in Male – Female Tournament.”
“Yoss in Male – Female Tournament.”
“Carmack and Anna in Male – Female Tournament.”
“Diehard, Cyn and Three-D at Denny’s.”
“The Byxnet gang at Denny’s.”
“The Byxnet gang at Denny’s.”
“The Byxnet gang at Denny’s.”
“Player’s warning.”
“Tsuba, Wendigo, Polish, H2H, Yoss, Dlister, Derelict.”
“OOPS, that’ll teach you to fuck with the NOC!”
“Cool case, no cooling problems here.”
“Finalist in the tourney.”
“Runner-up in the tourney.”
“Winner of the tourney.”
“Three-D and Evil John on the floor.”
“Evil John gets more than he bargained for.”
“QuakeCon or bust.”
“Hampton Inn at night.”
“Crappy hotel menu system.”
“Crappy hotel menu system with DQ.”
“Walking to Waffle House.”
“Doc Wilco.”
“Wino plays Santa.”
“Doc eyes the keyboards.”
“Wendigo doesn’t seem too impressed with the beer.”
“Wendigo finally drinks the beer.”
“Last night on the deck.”
“My badge.”

-Images courtesy of the Internet Archive, UnixPro.net/QC2K, photos by Donovan “Conqueror” Young, August 2000

“Connecting with that community is really what it’s all about. QuakeCon is built for it. First, there’s the giant tournament … hey, what’s a Quake convention without playing a ton of Quake? Then there are the seminars and talks from id Software and prominent members of the Quake development community. Nothing’s more inspiring than some tips from the pros. Usually the highlight of it all is a speech from John Carmack, arguably the best 3D coder in PC gaming, where attendees can get a personal glimpse inside the game engine and the mind of its creator… In the end, it’s an exhausting affair. If you’re not beaten to a pulp by the continuous weekend of Quake playing, the stifling Texas heat will probably render you unconscious. If you’re lucky, you’ll live to make it again next year. If you’re unlucky, the giant insects will devour you… Here’s to QuakeCon!” — Fargo

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