AirQuake 2: Eye Candy — General Screen Shots Page

“Enough words… take a look at them now! My favourite pic is ‘Pilot-Pose’ and it was made by kzap. To me it looked like one of those AirForce advertisments… cool! (The following pics are sorted by name and not by quality) ‘Chute’ by Snaker is a nice pic showing the top-down camera-view on a parachuting LQM. ‘Explobox’ also by Snaker shows an LQM in action… Looking at ‘LQM2’ by thrillkil you are tempted to think this is a ‘standard Q2’ game… ‘Quake04’ by Robert Brown could be an advertisment from General Dynamics showing off their F16… ‘Quake07’ also by Robert Brown is really cool! Showing an diving LQM looking out of the water in Sandman… that water effect in software-rendering mode is really neat! ‘Spy2’ by Spyder is nice, and I like the effort that Spyder put into this… with the new skins and taking the F14… And finally ‘Water Landing’, one more from kzap, shows a pilot, proud of having survived a crash-landing, posing for his CNN-interview at the crash site…”

-Excerpt and images courtesy of the Internet Archive, wPlanetQuake, AirQuake 2

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