The Dutch Quake Clan SuX LAN Reports

Netgamez Gamez4All – 14 March 1998

A whole day playing Capture the Flag is not easy for us SuX-ers. We decided to give other clans the chance to play the finals, so we had the whole evening to copy and share stuff.

Nieuwegein, 27 and 28 November 1999: REBEL / Abaude LAN pictures taken by Ogre

A great LAN organized by REBEL and Abaude. J-Force, FODDER and EPOS were present along with 22 other die-hards of UqE, MLG and REBEL.

Amonre on UqE-Devestator's back    UqE / deZ-AyreonAyreon met zijn gewonnen memory, J-Force geniet mee [SuX] J-Force net wakkerOgre heeft het naar zijn zinPlop in dromenlandUqE-RavenDevestator neemt Wacked te grazenWacked, Voiltix en Amonre

SuX Lan Reports

SuX Members

SuX Clanwars

SuX Clanwars

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