The Dutch Quake Clan SuX LAN Reports

Netgamez Gamez4All - 14 March 1998... A whole day playing Capture the Flag is not easy for us SuX-ers. We decided to give other clans the chance to play the finals, so we had the whole evening to copy and share stuff.


Natural Born Fraggers LAN Party 1999

Hi, saturday 10th April there's a LAN-PARTY in Heerlen, Zuid-limburg, and there will come lot's fine quakers, like Warden, The Bitch, Viper and even me will be there all the way from belgium... But, unfortunely my brother will come also (he turned 13 today, happy birthday Michael) haha, and because my brother will come with me there isn't enough space in the car to bring bastard with us :( I wish you more luck next time Bastard...