Natural Born Fraggers LAN Party 1999

Warden stops playing online Quake2 :( 15-04-’99

Hi, I’ve got some bad news for you all : Warden stops playing online Quake2…, yes and that is true because it’s taking too much time for his study and it also costs him to much money… but he will quake at every lan-part there is ofcourse :) Well, Andy, I wish you good luck with your study and everything….. And when he comes back he wil rejoin NBF ofcourse… :p

The Ripper

I’m back from the lan… 11-04-’99

Hiya, I’m back fromn the VSL lan, and it was really cool to slaughter all those newbies without lagg, hahaha. And ofcourse as I had promised I’ve took some cewl pictures of the NBF gang and some other known quakers, but the most ugliest and stupidiest picture that you have EVER seen is teh one from Andy (Warden).. and we’ve also made a picture from 5 of the NBF members…

The Ripper

The LIMBOLAN in tomorrow !!! 9-04-’99

Hi, Bastard is here right now, because he’s coming also to this wonderful lan-party with all those lovely limburgers (euhhmmm….). Yeah, and therefor we must wake up at 07:00, and we’ll kick all those german and limbo’s asses :)

The Ripper and Bastard :)

Ripper here again :) 8-04-’99

Hiya, I suppose I totaly screwed it up lsat time, but now everything is fine again, thanks to DJan. Sorry that is was such a mess and we’ve now decided that I update the news and DJan will do the rest…

The Ripper

Ripper decides to give the page a totally UPFUCK 8-04-’99

I was gone for awhile because my parents SUCK (my school too) so I wasn’t online quite a long time. Beast informed me about Ripper and that he FUCKED UP the NBF news section and all the other sections.

Then I decided to take a look, everything seemed fine until I came to the news-section. I was terrified, mad, outrageous, disturbed (nothing uncommon) as I saw that the layout was totally FUCKED UP. Oke all the rage is over now, I sat down and began to load the page in Notepad and renewed it.

Ripper, my advice to stay alive is : Update the news-section, but keep your hands out off the layout. Anyway thanx for all the extra work Ripper. Don’t cry my friend, I do not hate you :).  I can’t play so much as I used to because the telephone bill :(  Don’t complain about the BAD english


Next Saturday there’s gonna be a LAN-PARTY 6-04-’99

Hi, saturday 10th April there’s a LAN-PARTY in Heerlen, Zuid-limburg, and there will come lot’s fine quakers, like Warden, The Bitch, Viper and even me will be there all the way from belgium… But, unfortunely my brother will come also (wich has become 13 today, happy birthday Michael) haha, and because my brother will come with me there isn’t enough space in the car to bring bastard with us :(( I wish you more luck next time Bastard….

I’ve got a cool surprise for all who come also to the lan, D-FENS is coming to , yeah I’m damn right he’s a very good quaker wich has stopped a few months ago with the Quake2 scene….

I’m going to take some cool pictures of him (in probably his green t-shirt, cause he’s always wearing it, hihi) and of all the other quakers there, en I even will make some movies cause I’ve got that cool digital camera and that ROCKS!! So check this page saturday night , because the pictures and movies than will be available for download :))

The Ripper

Natural Born  Fraggers: The Ripper

It all started with Quake, I found it on some cd and I really liked it’s style, shooting around with lot of blood…One day I read an article about the happyness of playing games on the internet, then I bought my 28k8 en started playing and it was really cool and I was quite good at it too :) But unfortunely I hadn’t the right system for it, because almost everyone had a 3dfx card.. and I was playing like a blind dildo on a p90, 16 mb, 1mb svga card :(…And my good friend Bastard was alwas watching me, but he hadn’t internet.. I let him play couple of times and I saw he really liked it..

Then quakeII came out, I thought by myself “WOW, i really want that game!!” and 3 seconds later i thought “SHIT, my system sucks for it..”Then I’ve nought a p200mxx, but I just hadn’t the WOW feeling, so i bought a pII-300 and i still had the feeling I was missing something, then Andy (Warden) asked me to came to a LAN, so he explained me wat it was and I couldn’t think of anything else the whole week, and I saw 99 out of 100 people playing with a 3dfx card!! And I was still playing on software??!!, so I let my dad see those supercool lighteffect and the next day he bougt me a vd2-12 MB I was really happy with it and was a real good quake2 player…

Times has changed now, and I’m playing on PII-450 with a TNT and believe me, THAT ROCKS! But, because I’ve moved over to belgium and lived for 4-5 months without quake, I’ve lost very much quake2 skills, but I’m coming back, so PREPARE TO DIE!!!

Natural Born Fraggers: DJan

Natural Born Fraggers: The Beast

Bonus: Cannabis Loving Quakers


Welcome to the Cannabis Loving Quakers home-page. Cannabis Loving Quakers is a, CTF playing, Quake clan that was founded on the 14th of June, 1998 by 7th Son. For about a month, it was a one man clan and personaly, I am very greatfull that Asphagor had the guts to join this clan. Using his skills and enthousiasm in making webpages, he made the second version of our home-page and maintaned it for a long time. If it weren’t for him, CLQ wouldn’t be the clan it is today. Thank you Asphy.

From that time, CLQ started growing and growing and now has a well organised, strong group of 12 members. Asphagor no longer had enough time to maintain our home-page, so an other enthousiastic member of our clan; Lanfear, became webmaster. Thank you very much Lanfear, you gave our clan a new impulse.

So this is the third version of our page. I hope you like it, I know I do.

Ok, about CLQ. Although we are getting better and better, it is no secret that CLQ is one of the lesser skilled clans of Holland. Since we never saw being the best as one of ours goals, we do not mind. We think having fun comes first, and we also think there should be a place for lesser skilled players in the world of quake clans. I did intend to found a well organised group of enthousiastic quakers, a goal I think was reached. You can say what you want about CLQ, at least we’ll be there when we’ve planned a war.

Although our clan consists of a lot of Cannabis Lovers, we do not mind if non-smokers join our clan. I personaly love playing quake, while under the influence of cannabis. Sometimes I get so tense, my heart starts beating like a madman, I am in the game as if it were a real war, with a lot at stake. Smoking Marihuana is not a rule in our clan, but there are some other things that we find very important, although they might be hard to check.

* Off course [CLQ] has to stand proud in front of your nickname.
* Members of CLQ, are members of only CLQ (hard to check indeed).
* Members have to make clear whether they’ll be availeble for war 48 hours before the war starts.
* When playing QW, wear the clq_base skin.
* When playing FFA, try not to shoot your clanbrothers.

At the moment, we do not need any more members. We do however, always need opponents.  Enjoy our page. Peace, make love not eh.. well only clanwars.

7th Son (Marc)


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