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Doomsday’s Brigade (shortly DdB) is a Quake 2 Capture The Flag clan. If you want to know more about us, go to the Info page. This homesite is done with screen resolution of 1024×768 and it should work with Internet Explorer and Netscape. If you face any problems while surfing this site feel free to mail kotti and we’ll see what we can do… This site is designed mostly by Padishar and NiteGod. Cool logo and intro made by Mercury. Well what are you waiting for anymore? Go and enjoy surfing this site.

Doomsday’s Brigade News

18.04 – zogh left to join duff
So.. after being with us for just over two months the inevitable finally happened.. zogh left DdB. I haven’t got the slightest idea why but I guess two months in the same clan was too much for him or sumtin. He is in duff right now.. nothing more to say.

18.04 – Back from the lan
Whee..that was fun. Too bad it lasted only four days. I could have easily spent a few more days drinking beer (cider! :P) and having fun with all those dudez. Believe it or not, we actually played some q2ctf too. Since only DdB and BBQ managed to get full lineup present, we didn’t play many clanwars, but we played a lot of games with mixed teams. Surprisingly q2ctf1-5 weren’t the most played maps, but a few not so usual maps like lfctf1, lfctf3, lfctf7, sumactf6, q2ctf05b, q2ctfw4b and even spogctf1 (!) and I can tell you that it was damn fun to play those maps.

There were five teams in the q2ctf league. We, VGC (Vi Gillar Chain.. guess who :P), Papat (the granps.. ie. the ones in the wheelchair :P), JMGt (Jore’s magic grapple team) and Lehmät (mostly dm players and ex abus). We came second after first losing q2ctf5 to VGC and then q2ctf05b after an overtime (!). Heh there was some noise after they had capped that decider :P

So.. 4 days of hardcore ctf and ra with 5-10 ping, lot’s of alcohol, lot’s of sauna, lot’s of pizza and some sleeping too.. what else could one need? I really must say that time flew while we were there.. it ended sooo fast. Thanks Mindy (and the others) for making this possible!

09.04 – Lost the CL final to BBQ
So it was our big day. We were well prepared and psyched for the CL final against BBQ but still we played lowsy. In ctf1 we got .. umm.. doc I think and it took 19 minutes for us to get the accel. So we got no defensive techs and that showed. BBQ controlled the middle in the first 10 minutes and their monkeys had an easy job getting out of our base.. [NEED] AMP near the Red Flag! They got a big lead in the first 10 minutes and though we controlled the quad for a few minutes we couldn’t brake BBQ’s base down though Niko tasted some sweet quad-rocket :D In the hectic final minute Keke managed to escape with BBQ’s flag and capped when 0.00000000001 seconds were left in the game.. so ctf1 7-1 to BBQ :P

In ctf2 they got the amp again and after their first quad-attack the accel was in their hands too. But we didn’t give up.. after some chain+rail+grapple we had a 2-1 lead. We used our umm.. well prepared taccie which introduced mouho as a quad-chainhora. Niko was killed and mouho grabbed the amp and the flag but after some TUUR rails BBQ fragged him and our chances to win the match were kinda low :D In the end we tried – had to – to get BBQ’s flag desperatly. So we didn’t have all our guys at the quad and so BBQ got them and capped a few times in the closing minutes. Ctf2 ended 5-2 to BBQ and the whole match 12-3. Too bad we didn’t get lucky with the techs and too bad that we fucked up that ctf1 :P It wasn’t our day so BBQ got an “easy” win but they certainly deserved it.. congrats BBQ.

Believe or not we aren’t disappointed though we lost.. we made it to the final beating clans like T, o8, sic, duff and tm. From our last 11 CLL matches we lost only 2.. and both of those were against BBQ. Six months ago I could have never thought that we would play in the final but we seem to have a good spirit in the official matches and somehow we manage to win most of them. I think we surprised the scene a bit by this but hey.. “it’s the attitude that counts” :D I want to thank all our opponents and the CL crew, especially fuel for this great season. GGs!!!

05.04 – Jänkhä-lan
At Easter we’ll be in a lan called Jänkhä-lan. It will be held in Oulu and is previously known as pLt-lan. Yes.. we have one lan in Finland per year.. shut up you Swedes :P This is going to be much bigger than the previous ones.. practically the whole Finnish q2ctf scene will be there. From DdB there will be me, Keke, mouho, Mersu, Sciz, edu, Rikke and Cracka. BBQ will also get a lineup as well as esc and aBu (though they are dead :P). Around 50 people will be there.. quaking, warezzing, saunaing, drinking etc :D Rok rok. Check out Jänkhä-lan’s homepages!

05.04 – CL final on Sunday
We will play the CL final on Sunday, 20 CET. Make sure you’ll be at #ddb.. I’ll put a matchbot there so that you’ll know how the match is going. Wish us luck!! :D

02.04 – Match report from the tm-game
It’s up.. brought to you by mouho. Check it from our matches page.

01.04 – We won tm and made it to the CL final!
Yes YES OK NP ok np yes ok np.. oknp morto best in #ddb. Geez we actually won, this is not an April fool’s joke. Gonna write something more tomorrow but check out our demos.. After this we might give q2 another chance.

01.04 – Drastic changes coming up
Long time no update.. that’s because we have had some hard time in the past weeks. After some long discussions we have decided that q2 is finito for us, we will start playing cs.

This might come as a shock to you but some of us have been bitten by the cs-bug a long time ago and q2 hasn’t felt the same after that. The rest of us started to feel the same a couple of days ago and so the only solution was to change the game. As you might know we have an important game coming up today.. I don’t know if we will have enough attitude to play that game.. have to wait and see. In the mean time check out this new flash intro that Mersu made. It says more than a thousand words. Our homemap will be de_dust terrorists.

Adios q2, bonjour cs!

3 frags with one slug

The Official DdB FAQ, version 1.0264B

What the hell is DdB?
DdB is a mighty Camper Strike clan. The clan was founded by Kyykkä aka Pattisaari a long time ago and since then we have been a hortur opponent against any clan. We used to have only (lame) Finnish members but after the anti-terrorists (or whatever they were..) won one game we recruited a very lame fnysser from Svearike. We love camping, whining, laming and especially kyykkiminen. Don’t come in our way or Keke will fart at your face!

How can I contact DdB members?
The best way to contact us is using IRC. Our channel is #DdB in QuakeNet (connect to eg. But beware.. one false wrong and !k *you* hor *something* will be used!

I wanna frag yo mamma!
Feel free to do so.. But remember that if you got a nice attitude don’t bother. Come to irc and start flood some.. that usually does the trick.

How does DdB play?
We hold the crouch key down all times. Our lineup is always Edu, Sir Mersu, kotti, YOMAN! and Znorkel.

Where does DdB play?

You got a leader?
Yes.. kotti is the herra and hidalgo around here. El Caudillo, Il duce, Führer, Los Lobos, Au Coco and Das Kyykkä.

How come you never lose?
We cheat. Punkmuster can’t stop us.

CTF Invaders

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