Doomsday Brigade Quake 2 CTF Clan

Whee..that was fun. Too bad it lasted only four days. I could have easily spent a few more days drinking beer (cider! :P) and having fun with all those dudez. Believe it or not, we actually played some q2ctf too.


A story about #gaming. The year was 1998. by Andreas Blom

Online gaming was just ridding itself of diapers.  A scant few massively multiplayer games existed (Lineage for one, it was released that year). Quake 2 was the game to play, having been released the year before. A childhood friend of mine, (Asmodai by name) invited me to play a new mod for Quake 2. The mod was called Loki's Minions Capture the Flag - #LMCTF , the first Capture the Flag modification for Quake 2, released the day after the Quake 2 source code was released.