Quake 4 Oldies: Pictures of LAN Party 1, 2, 3 and 4

Quake 4 Oldies: Pictures of LAN Party 1, 2, 3, and 4

Quake 4 Oldies is a Clan that aims to perform gaming in a relaxing way. No frustrated teenagers but enthusiastic gamers. Of course it is in us to want to win, but ejh, at our age we want to have fun with each other, and do not want to cost what it costs to win. Quake 4 Oldies stands for “Fun”. The age is at least 30 years and we have been around since 28-8-1998, so from the early online gaming story we are already participating. This clan originated from the newsgroup nl.comp.games.quake, which is still being visited by a reasonable number of ours, and from the beginning of the online gaming event at the time. It has become more of a kind of café. There you can lose all your stories, about all games computers, sexual problems ect ..

Furthermore we organize for a limited group of people besides our own “Oldies” with regular lan parties, these are kept in fairly limited spaces where we usually can play a gamer or 40. Entrance fees and snacks are of a laughable nature. From a bitterbal, spring roll, Indian buffet to the pizza farmers pass our lan party`s :)

Also we are with such a group real life quake weed, of course with paint bullets, you want to see pictures, see you next to the links!

Intrested, it sounds cozy come along or contact us!

4 Angel

Lan 1: 1st Q4O-LAN in Zoetermeer

The whole crowd is surprised to learn: (from left to right: Seneca & Retail looking at Gizmo, 4 Angel in conversation with That Reverend, and Weerdo trying to stretch his rsi body, so it does not work …)

A game of Rocket Arena … (left Gizmo, right Weerdo) So it can be .. Playing with a fun poker ..

Banana, now Yuckamuck (left), after he has swallowed a rocket from VerTiGO (right). Pay attention to the mobile phone that makes it possible to call 112 directly.
Oh yes, the cola on the right has a TIC. (Commented versions are in circulation at Q4O ..)

4 Angel in action, or sleeps tie?

From left to right, Gizmo, Xenocide, Weerdo and Retail_Killer.

Rokro already present on the lan, since the end of 2002 also proud member of Q4O.

Seneca brotherly next to De Dominee.

From right to left, VerTiGO, Yuckamuck, Xenocide and Retail_Killer. Pay attention to the Quake 2 manual on the VerTiGO monitor!


Lan 2: 2nd Lan Zoetemeer

Alien visit for Xenocide during the [Q4O] LAN Party.

[CG] Abyss takes a smoke break.

VerTiGOs Chocolate balls?!?!.

The Pastor and Gizmo rest for a moment after a few earned frags.

Gizmo: I’m getting a spring roll, VerTiGO’s balls are still too small.
VerTiGO: Ps not tell us?

No, the Joker can not laugh at it.

Gizmo: Aaahh, that’s the better work.

Gizmo: You’re not taking pictures of the boys here ???

It is intended that you fall back reverend.

What does this little button do ??, Revenge !!!

The right side of the room.

And the left side.

Coke and spring rolls, is not that fermented Gizmo?

Seneca gets red cheeks of excitement.

Red ears of Quaken.

The Reverend on the pulpit, or is not it?


Lan 3: 3rd Q4O – Amstelveen

Ooohh, that fucking deer looks like this! :) [Suxxx] Bambi in supreme concentration.

Neste house craft from Xenocide, but whether it also does ??

Great mess, no spring rolls! Then ff that 4th pizza to get rid of.

Yes, that was a shock when the Reverend entered the hall.  Affijn looks like nothing more.

Jeb, Kropotkin, Bambi and the Reverend stop.

The Server park, thanx to Gizmo and Retail_Killer.

Sir_Anthony lives up to its title with a good glass of wine.

Finally a picture of Troop. Is his 1st time on a [Q4O] LAN party was whispered.


Lan Party 4 in Zoetermeer (the 1 year anniversary for Quake 4 Oldies)

fltr. Upper row: Seneca, Gizmo, Retail, Kropotkin, Dominee, Vertigo. Middle / lower: 4 Angel, Dorkman, Weerdo (ex q4o), Joker, Yuckamuck. We still miss here: Frags4free, Woodman, Lamia, Xenocide and troop.

The community center in Zoetemeer, with sponsoring :)

And yes …… it was nice … in the foreground probably someone who just got a frag ….

Dorkman is beaming … Gizmo just told me one of his incomprehensible grumbling jokes ….. the person next to gizmo does not understand me at all ……

Well … that was scaring …… Liek turned out to be a “lady” ….. and she shot back well !!!! …. Dorkman probably suffers from wet armpits and gizmo shows again how big his mouth is … “can put 3 egg rolls in at once” was claimed by him !!! …. weerdo anxiously hold the cake … imagine …..

Q4O ……. 1 year !!!!! .. and yes the cake was just eaten !!!

This was the moment that the DOMINEE was mailed by LIEK ……
And he liked it too !!!

GHANDI …….. ABBYS ….. EPPO. Above a few members of an insignificant, insignificant mediocre clan with the name …… ehhhhh.

This is now KROPOTKIN..the oldest Q4O’er .. …. nice guy with a great sense of humor. The Cola on the table stands alone for the decoration. He normally only drinks if it is above 40% alcohol. The doll next to his comp. is his new girlfriend …. the inflatable dolls were sold out according to Mr. Kropotkin.

Here on the left is Jeb gleaming next to Liek. He was allowed to sit next to her …. the reason he laughs is according to insiders because Liek regularly touches the “Joystick” of Jeb with her hand …..

VERTIGO ……. serious guy with a great long shot.  Here in his fighting position …… Is’ie not COOL !!! ????

The server park ……. Right the HUB where RetailKiller pulled out
your thread when he was back behind.


Fun Stuff

interviewliekQ4O_PCZonechaingunquake1_oldiesQ4O-1ms dm8q2dm

Quake 4 Oldies [Q4O] Members

Quake 4 Oldies [Q4O] Retirement Center


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