Crew Mindless: LAN Pictures Game War II

Crew Mindless: LAN Pictures Game War II

“Arent you missing some pictures of some ppl? ” Yes we do! =( L-Wacko, Guardian, and some other ppl, have managed to escape from the deadly Fotocamera of Da Sicko’s ! =) Next LANparty… it’s their turn!

This is Damio from Clan Nemesis Impact. HEEJ! That’s my headphone!

Hmmzz, maybe this explains why Dragon‘s Clanstatus is INACTIVE!? =) hehe…

There’s Guyver from Nemesis Impact in the back next to the weird thing on the wall. In front of him…that’s Demolisher, what the hell is he doing? Rolling a joint? bet ya!

Hmmzz, that’s Da Sicko from our clan (doh!).With his fingerless handgloves! (?) Why aren’t you fragging?

This is Neok, also a Nemesis Impact Member. Damn, he looks bored… Yeah, that’s because he’s a bit of a Half-Life Freak. That game sucks Neok! B.T.W. Why isn’t that bottle of beer opened? =)

Crew Mindless Members

ClanWar: Crew Mindless vs Death Angels

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