Insane Weapons Mod: The most insane Quake II mod ever!

Insane Weapons Mod: The most insane Quake II mod ever!

Insane Weapons Mod is a mod that brings new, creative and insane weapons into the Quake2 world. Keeping in mind that this is an early weapons test, there is not much new in terms of features and gamemodes, but many of them are awaiting implementing! There are many weapons, features and items that you will need to deal with, but it’s not a problem since everything is kept simple and managable.

Simple Configuration

A base configuration file, autoexecuted file and a default bindings configuration file is included. Each of these are executed when you start IWM. Please note that these are the default binds for arrow key configuration; we recommend you change these to your own settings and binds to your own keys.


Oh, geez, where to start.. oh, yeah, Blaster.

Battery Operated Drill: A battery operated drill. Have fun drilling holes in players!
Saw-Toothed Hammer: A very big hammer that is used to smash players alive.
Screwdriver Launcher: Launches screwdrivers.

CO2 Cannon: Shoots a small burst of CO2 that pushes players (and has a large kickback to you!)
Shard Cannon: Shoots out a small random burst of metal shards.

Super Shotgun
Toxic Gas Gun: Sprays a lethal plume of nerve gas
Disk Launcher: Shoots a series of CDs and Floppy Disks
BladeRunner: Shoots a blade that slices across the ground and holds enemies within it’s teeth

Ricochet Machinegun: Bullets ricochet 3 times off objects
Needler: Fires shards that stick into it’s opponent and blow up after a few seconds.

Chain-Grenade Launcher: Fires rapid fire grenades
Firefly Launcher: Shoots fireflies that stop in a little swarm, and on player sight home him down

Gravity Grenades: Gives near zero-gravity to players within proximity of grenade
Concussion Grenades: Makes affected players “drunk-like”
Infest Grenades: Infects players and slowly kills them
Rotating Laser Grenade: shoots laser from grenade and spins
Area Grenades: Clears a room by shoving players in all directions
Exploding Jack Grenades: Grenade that explodes into exploding jacks
Flash Grenades: Makes affected players’ screens white then fades to normal
Flares: Spins around and emits light
Gib Mines: Explodes into infected gibs
Sticky Spike Grenades: Spike ball that sends explosive spikes in all directions
Earthquake Grenades: Shake the world!

TIP: You can also mix any grenade with the grenade launcher aswell. Select your grenade, and then use the grenade launcher!

Grenade Launcher
Napalm Jumping Beans: Fires beans that jump around, spreading napalm everywhere it goes.
Napalm Launcher: Launches napalm grenades in a mortar-fasion
Balloon Launcher: Drench your enemies with these water balloons!
Rubber Ball Launcher: Balls that bounce off all walls and don’t stop until they disappear!
BasketBall Launcher: Fires basketballs.
Beach Ball Launcher: Low gravity balls that deal a nice amount of damage

Rocket Launcher
Freeze Nuke: Fires a nuke-type explosion that freezes anything in it’s radius
Gravity Missile: A slow moving rocket that pulls everything towards it’s center of origin
WOMD: Dubbed “Weapon of Mass Destruction”, the power speaks for itself.
Fooby the Kamikaze Watermelon: Fires a rocket-propelled watermelon.
Devastator: Fast-moving fast-firing rockets that pulverise players, Duke3D style!
Rocket Pods: Rapidly shoots little explosive pods that deal out massive damage when used correctly
AccelleRocket Launcher: Shoots a rocket that is slow for the first second or so, and then speeds rapidly towards your target
Pac-Man Launcher: Kill your enemies, Pac-Man style

Plasma Rifle: Bring back the old Doom days
Kamikaze Bees: Shoots homing bees that explode near your origin
Fire Hose: Water that puts out fires and pushes players around

Ricochet Railgun: Slugs ricochet three times before resting
Triple Slug Railgun: Fires three slugs in a triangle pattern
Thunderbolt: Discharges a single loud clap of lighting after charging

Lightning Cloud: A cloud that will strike nearby players (goes to sky on fire)
Acid Cloud: A cloud that drops acid rain (goes to sky on fire)
Volcano Launcher: Shoots a grenade that explodes into a volcano
Soundwave Emitter: Emits a soundwave that gives your enemies a headache.. literally!


A few new items are introduced into IWM, although not implemented yet.

Jump Boots: When picked up, jumping height is increased and falling damage is lowered.
Magic Carpet: Touch it, and go for a fly!
Donkey Kong Hammer: After picked up, your old weapon is saved and you are using a hammer similar to the one from Donkey Kong to smash your enemies.
IR Goggles: Highlights enemies.
Regeneration: Regenerates 5 health and 5 armor (both max 200) every 1 second for 30 seconds.
Deflector Shield: Some projectiles will disintegrate infront of you, doing no damage.
Transparency Device: Turns player transparent for 30 seconds.

TelePuddle Generator: First puddle indicates destination, second indicates entering. Enter the “entering” puddle to appear at “destination”.


These are features implemented or not implemented into IWM.
Some are controlled by commands.
Flashlight: Spawns a flashlight. See commands.
Laser Hook: Laser tarzan-style grappling hook. See commands for aliases.
Clone Shield: Spawns four models of yourself that follow your movement and frames. See Commands.
Remote Control Car: Spawns a car that you can drive around. See below for commands.

Console Commands

flashlight – turns flashlight on/off
hook action – sends out hook.
hook shrink – makes laser shorter (pulls you in)
hook grow – makes laser longer (lets you go further)
hook stop – retracts hook.
clone – enables/disables clone shield.
rc_forward – makes remote control car go forward
rc_backward – makes remote control car go backwards
rc_stop_forward – makes remote control car stop moving forward/backwards
rc_left – turns remote control car to the left
rc_right – turns remote control car to the right
rc_stop_side – stops turning movement of car
rc_boom – detonates car
rc_create – creates the car
rc_weapon – switches weapon for the car
rc_turbo – Gives your car a fast burst of speed.
artillery – First press places artillery, second press places destination. Three shells are shot from an artillery cannon.
iwmhelp – Opens the help menu.

Note: A bindings.cfg is included with the default aliases and binds. Change to your liking.


Thanks to many people for submitting their ideas. These people include, but are not limited to, Rosco<WoS>, Subatomic[Q2C], Skeetz, and various other people.

Thanks to QwazyWabbit<WoS> for ideas, testing, hook code, and more.

Thanks to AAAGGHHH![BOD] for testing with us.

Skeetz, for testing, and the Donkey Kong Hammer model.

The many people who told us bugs.

If we forgot you, please email one of us (see Contact) and we’ll add you to the list for next version ASAP.


You can contact me, Paril, the programmer of the mod at, or SkiesOfBordom, the modeler/sound finder/etc at You can email either of us for mod problems, but I recommend using carbon copy (cc) to send the message to both of us. Either way, we’ll both get the message

If you’d like to chat, we both use MSN Messenger at the same address. SkiesOfBordom uses Yahoo Messenger at the same address, and we both use AIM aswell (You can email us for that information). If you use teamspeak, you can join in at “”, SkiesOfBordom’s teamspeak server.


Code related to IWM is copyright of the IWM Team. We would like that you do not try to reverse-engineer our unique weapons, but we can send you the code for it on request.

The models are copyright of the IWM Team and a few models that we got off of Devastator model and sounds is copyrighted to Perkr (and 3dRealms). Rocket pod model and sprites copyrighted to Singe. Donkey Kong Hammer model and skin is copyright to Skeetz. The sound was composed by Paril, but the generality of the sound is copyright to Nintendo.

The sounds are not copyrighted to the IWM Team. We used FindSounds and a few other resources, so they get the copyrights there.

Sounds and generality of Fooby the Kamikaze Watermelon copyrighted to Brian Kendall.

Copyright 2007 IWM Team

For downloads (they actually still work!) please visit:

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