The Zen of Frag: Deathmatch Tips from PC Gamer Editors (including the writer of Star Wars: Rogue One)

The Zen of Frag

The Zen of Frag: The PC Gamer editors chip in with their own personal tips for success in a Quake II death match.

Can’t keep your head above water in those frantic Quake II death matches? Constantly getting fragged by faster players? Are you just about ready to swear off multi-player games forever? Well we’ve got some help for you: our very own personal tips for success at Quake II, kindly provided by the PC Gamer staff: 

Gary Whitta, Editor-in-Chief, Joel Durham, Technical Editor, Michael Luton, Webmaster, Mike Wolf, Disc Editor, Bill Harms, Assistant Disc Editor, Dan Bennett, Editor, and Rob Smolka, Assistant Editor.

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