OZQuake: The Gallery of Australian Quake Art

OZQuake: The Gallery of Australian Quake Art

Welcome to the gallery, ozquakes spot for the budding creative artist beneath the destructive quaker. If you feel that your creative genius is unappreciated in your own cirlce, send it in and perhaps we’ll post it. Sting’s Gallery contains scanned images from his own hand crafted sketches inspired from his quake and heavy metal interests and influences. His works are incredibly detailed and designed, intricate works that display a true talent. Goose’s Gallery illustrates the electronic generation of creativity. I look forward to more of his works that take the medium and employ it in creative ways that are just inspired. ozquake Background Gallery is a collection of desktop backgrounds submitted by visitors. If you create a quake related background why not send it on in?

Sting’s Gallery

Sting is a professional designer and creator of graphics and artwork for a prominent Sydney Web Design company. His art displayed here illustrates his talent in hand drawn creations with a Heavy Metal influence. These impressive creations are a stunning display of creativity and skill.

8 May 2001

He’s back!! Sting is back online and his hand is back on the pencil with a firm grip. He also found some time to draw this as well : )

21 April 2001

The master has another one for us, a dark and sultry portrayal to rival the original refuge of last souls. It’s a masterpiece.

27 January 2001

Damn Sting is a fantastic artist! I have a few other images to put up, but for now I really wanted to post the latest official ozquake desktop background. You could never hope for anything this good to be provided for the site to use, so I am getting right behind it and making it an official site background.  A huge thanks to Sting for his continued support of ozquake with his magnificent talent.

10 January 2001

The Dragon, symbol of magic, power, ancient strength, honor and valor. Sting has captured the majesty and savagery perfectly in his latest work.



Goose’s Gallery

Goose (as at October 2000) is just about to complete year 12 and then it’s off to university he goes. Goose has been a part of the community for as long as I can remember, and as well as a skilled player he has a knack for graphics, inlcuding customised Quake2 skins which he has created.


ozquake background gallery

Sting‘s creation is the first official ozquake background.
Drawn by hand and enhanced on PC, great work and a great desktop by Tjuli.
Back in black, this is the latest contribution from Deviant, who does our SFI DM Commentary. Damn fine effect on the dog tags.
Glorious in green, top background from Goose.
Morph‘s gone a metallic mix with some of the favourite models in this great background.
The -=EYE=-‘s have it, this little number from -=EYE=-.
Fragadelic baby! Muga has been taking the blue pills again.


Random Australian Quake Art

[Note from Donde: why not?]

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