The Quake II [DOG] Clan

Being [DOG] is a state of mind.  This is a game we play for fun.  [DOG]s play with honor, always, especially when getting their ass kicked (however rare that is for a [DOG]).  [DOG]s never cheat, even against cheaters.  If you wouldn't stop to change a flat tire for an old woman, you're not [DOG] material.  If this sounds like you, play where we play and let us get to know you on the BBS.  The rest will work itself out.

OZQuake: The Gallery of Australian Quake Art

Welcome to the gallery, ozquakes spot for the budding creative artist beneath the destructive quaker. If you feel that your creative genius is unappreciated in your own cirlce, send it in and perhaps we'll post it. Sting's Gallery contains scanned images from his own hand crafted sketches inspired from his quake and heavy metal interests and influences. His works are incredibly detailed and designed, intricate works that display a true talent. Goose's Gallery illustrates the electronic generation of creativity. I look forward to more of his works that take the medium and employ it in creative ways that are just inspired. ozquake Background Gallery is a collection of desktop backgrounds submitted by visitors. If you create a quake related background why not send it on in?