Singaporean Quake Clans: Pepper Crab Clan, Evil Dawgs, Trifixion, No Mercy, and Clan Thresh

Clan Trifixion


Evil Dawgs

Pepper Crab Clan

Days Of Doom
Over here in the Software R&D; department of Creative Technology, we have a group of game players. We originally started deathmatching on Doom back when it was hugely popular. Back then it was just WonderBra, NewUser, Baluku and CheapMonk, and we called ourselves the Four Heavenly Kings. Haha, I know that sounds arrogant, but that’s mainly because we didn’t meet any other good players among our small circle of friends.

NewUser actually discovered the circle strafe technique independently. He showed us how he could defeat the CyberDemon in just a matter of seconds simply by using the circle strafe technique, which we then called the windmill. WonderBra switched us from keyboarding to mousing, although CheapMonk stubbornly refused to convert, but pioneered the way to win using tactics instead. Soon after, Bishop Tutu and Geronimo joined us as well.

Discovering Quake
When qtest was released, it was not a big hit with us. But when Quake was finally released, it became popular with us, because of several reasons. It supported more than 4 players. It supported dynamic connection to the server. It had maps specially designed for deathmatch. And most importantly, it had a true 3D engine.

We knew people were playing Quake over the Internet, and we even tried it for a while, but we found it incredibly stupid to play in lagged Internet Quake, when we could play in lagless LAN Quake, so now we only play LAN Quake.

Forming The Clan
Of course, the clan was already formed in spirit if not in name, but there was nothing to push us to form an actual clan. It happened that one day, CheapMonk posted an item in the Quake newsgroups which got the attention of AlCaZar, who was then known as Gr][nder. A few email exchanges led us to set up a LAN match. It was then that we decided to form a clan, so that we would look more organized when we played against AlCaZar’s clan, which is Clan Warmasters.

Choosing a clan name stumped us. It had to be something that we could identify with. Yet we wanted something unique and funny. Finally, we chose Pepper Crab Clan, because pepper crab has a local flavour and most of the members like to consume this delicacy. *yummy*

Ironically, barely one week before we matched up with Clan Warmasters, we had the opportunity to watch the Honus-Kurtz demo which was recorded at the M3 finals. That demo opened our eyes to rocket jumping and double correction. We practiced hard for one week using these new techniques, and put in even more hours on team training. Not long after, we were exposed to the amazing skills of Clan Rage, and it was then that we worked harder to improve our skills, and CheapMonk converted to mousing to strengthen the clan further.

Since then, some of our members have left us, and some new ones have joined us. But our core group of players which are WonderBra, NewUser, Baluku, CheapMonk, Bishop Tutu and Geronimo remain with us.

Pepper Crab Clan Info

Pepper Crab Clan Glossary

Ambush King
A player who stays in an area for an indiscriminate length of time, especially in a position which gives him a tactical advantage, for the sole purpose of taking his opponents by surprise. Ambushing is also known as Camping.

The enemy players who keep charging with lousy weapons into your well guarded base, so much so that your base is like being swarmed with ants.

A player who rampages in enemy territory, while his teammates zealously guard a refueling base, to which he can return every now and then, to top up his health, armour and ammunition.

Bang Bang
The sound that the shotgun makes. Used to describe the shotgun, or the act of firing the shotgun.

Block Man
A player who stands in such a way that his body blocks another player from moving past him. If the player wields a moderately powerful weapon as well, he is called an Advanced Block Man.

Clearance Shot
A shot that a player fires to clear areas where enemy players may happen to be.

Domination Strategy
The strategy which one team uses on a map to dominate the other team, to the point where all the players on the other team are practically Free Frags.

Double Correction
A special technique used to correct a player’s trajectory in mid flight such that he can land on places which may seem physically impossible.

Free Frag
A player who has just ressurrected without armour and weapons, and is thus an easy target for other players.

Grenade Minefield
A place where a lot of grenades have been tossed into, making it a very dangerous minefield.

Never Mind Let Go
The generous act of not fragging an enemy, in the situation where the enemy would have been easily fragged.

Lou Sai
Hokkien dialect for diarrhea. An adjective used to describe extremely inept players.

Lousy Guy
Has three different meanings. A player who displays a sudden lack of skill or intelligence, a player who is bullying or Free Fragging you, or a player who simply irritates you.

Any part of the map, where the player can stand on a moving object in order to move from one part of the map to another.

Nasi Lemak
Our clan code-word to signal a coordinated attack against the enemy team. Don’t even ask me how this phrase originated, I refuse to explain it.

A player who takes the extra trouble not make sounds which would give his position away to his opponents.

Corruption of the word operator. A player who repeatedly operates the various traps in the map to irritate the enemy, or even cause the enemy to die.

A player who cooperates with you to achieve a common objective.

Protection Shot
A shot that a player fires to prevent enemy players from moving to a position, where they can attack him directly.

Rocket Rain
The situation where so many rockets are flying around, that it looks it is raining rockets.

Success Color
The color which a player uses in order to blend in the general color scheme of the map he is playing in, thus making him a more difficult target to hit.

Success Route
A tight path that the player can use to pick powerful weapons, health and armour, thus ensuring the player’s domination of the area. This path is also known as a Juice Cycle.

Sheesh Kebab
A skewered BBQ food item. Used to describe the act of using the lightning gun to fry an opponent from below.

The sound that the nailgun makes. Used to describe the nailgun, or the act of firing the nailgun.

Third Party
A player who pops in to take advantage of the weakened state of other players who are currently engaged in a fight, or who have just finished a fight.

A player who stands in a position where he can cover multiple attack positions, and covers these positions simply by aiming all around, but not moving.

The action where the player strafes in one direction, and turns in the other direction, so as to keep his aim. This action is also known as Circle Strafe.

Zzzz Zzzz
The sound that the lightning gun makes. Used to describe the lightning gun, or the act of firing the lightning gun.

Pepper Clan Founder Alvin Chee aka CheapMonk

No Mercy Clan

Welcome to the NoMerCy cLaN’s Homepage. NoMercy is a Quake clan organisation, where member play quake against other quakers on the net. In here, you’ll get to learn about our clan, how we function, the current members, join us, and even grab cool downloads of programs/patches for quake and visit lots of real cool sites though our links!

History and Background

The NoMerCy cLaN was formed on the 10th of August 1997. The NoMerCy cLaN initially had two members. The third member to join was The Defender. At the beginning, when the clan was first set up, the players were very unskillful, and we seldom held training and had to play “illegally” as the clan was not officially registered yet. Desprately hoping to earn ourselves a good name, the clan seeked help from expert quakers overseas…

Qualifications Required

Qualifications? There’s no need for any! As long as you know how to quake your heads off, you’re allowd to join!

To join, simply click on the Join Clan button below. That should popup an e-mail window. Tell us your Name, Age, and E-Mail address. Also remember to provide us with the post you want – Leader, Member, Homepage Assistant or Trainer. Your confirmation should be recieved within 3 days’ time.

Copyright© 1997, Lee Ting Zie

No Mercy Clan News

More manpower needed!
We need more manpower in Quake and I need more Manpower for this homepage. Any volunteers that knows HTML to help me? Updating this all by myself is tedious!

Webmaster aplolgizes again for the delayed update.
“Damn I have not updated for 3 months. Real sorry!” Well, you guys can’t blame him. He has exams and now he has a stack of holiday assignments!

Holidays are here, so are ‘O’s…
Sad to say, ALL of the clan members are in Secondary 3 this year and guess what? Next year is our big year where we will dream the whole night long not of Quake but of the Cambrige’s GCE ‘O’ levels… grrr… so I guess the clan activity will stop for one whole year huh? Sorry about the homepage tho.

TurboKid does great with Singapore-One
TurboKid got his cable connection and it worked great. GForce tried it and he said “That was really great. The frags came instantly with cable! I think I am going to get it too!”. Check out the Matches section to see the progress of Turbokid.

G-Force gets even…
“Damnit why they all say I sux? Do I really sucks that much? Honestly my skills are better than Turbokid’s just that I am LAGGED! Here’s a demo for you idiots out there so I can prove you wrong!” Check out our Matches section to see some screenshots of the frags he got and our Downloads section to grab his demo. Honestly, his demo was real cool and funny!

“Is this clan DEAD? All fragged?”
WTF is happening here? Only Turbokid and GForce are active. What’s with the rest of the people? WAKE UP GUYS! IT’S THE HOLIDAYS AND THIS IS THE BEST TIME TO FRAG!

Singnet bans everybody in No Mercy except…
Damn Singnet (Stupid ISP in Singapore) banned everybody from their Quake server except their own users. WTF for? If they want to provide a service, well then to it right! I hate people who does things half-way.

Dropped Defender (Sorry…)
G-Force decided to drop Defender out of No Mercy because he seems inactive for almost half a year already. Too bad for him.

New Members, and the section is new too!
Lots of change to the Member’s section and also a new member (actually, he joined quite long ago just that I didn’t update because of the exams.) Pre@cher! Let’s welcome him warmly.

GForce’s personal affairs
My Ex-Girlfriend sucks. I broke up with her. I’m really much happier and better off now. “Thanks a lot, biatch. You’ll never know what it you. Look… Biatch was gibbed by GForce’s Quad penis.”

Training plans…
Leric, G-Force and Witch.doc suggests a clan training every Friday night. It’s either a 1-1 modem link or TCP/IP. Further info and skill improvement plans coming up. (Witch.doc)

Witch.doc renamed to “Shamen”. Name design plans…
Witch.doc has been renamed to “Shamen”. He made the request. His final Name appearance should be finalised soon. G-Force is still figuring the best name design for him. As for Turbokid, “Oops… I forgot all ’bout T.Kid.” Leric’s name should be changed a little as his design doesn’t meet the clan’s Callsign. Defender’s doing fine. G-Force would not have problems as he’s the one who does all these and so he knows the best!


What’s with TCP/IP and Direct Modem?
It seems like everybody is requesting for Direct Links rather than TCP/IP games. All, including me claims that the Net is terribly lag. You’ll know what I mean if you connect to, port 26000 and find yourself having difficulty turning angles after moving straight forward at full speed… “friction-less?” “They say the Quake on the net is made only for Cable and T1 users.” (TurboKid)

Dear ole Force screwed up his Quake configurations again?!?
G-Force screwed up his configurations again. His mouse up-down sensitivity seems to have acceleration… which there isn’t supposed to be. Now he has difficulty aiming up and down. More so do a perfect rocket jump. “Luckily I made an alias to do that.”

“Me is desperate for comments!”
Since the clan’s homepage has been completed, I am seeking for comments about this page. Tell me if the information in the respective sections of this page is appropriate, and if the design’s allrite…

Matches section done, Leric insulted.
There’s something up at the ‘Matches’ section and see how Leric gets insulted in a 15 minutes 1-1 game with G-Force. Level: DM6, Deathmatch Arena – Dark Zone.

Leric short of getting f0rked by G-Force
Going out with Leric and your gal is not a good idea. That asshole nearly got G-Force’s girlfriend to break up with him. “He irritates her, and her friend, and I dunno what ever he said that my girlfriend refused to talk to me. She even cried.” Leric deserves a beating rite? I guess I should gather all the clan members and have a game of “fist quake” with him. G-Force is in a slightly more stable condition now.

Clan keeps in touch…
G-Force has almost every members’ telephone number and he knows most of them personally. Except for Defender’s telephone number, the rest are in touch. Defender seems to have lost touch but his progress information has never lost connection with me.

Two New Recruits Enters Clan!
Our clan welcomes two new recruits! They are Witch.doc and Vincent Han(TurboKid). Click BACK and go into the Members section to have a look at their details. Both of their callsigns have not been finalised yet. Look out for the next update.

Webmaster Apologises for Delayed update.
The webmaster, founder and the members of Clan No Mercy apologises for the delayed update. Due to problems with the PC, mister poor old webmaster could not update and put up the page… “Microsoft Sucks. No doubt. I tried to install Visual Basic 5 and not only it took one hour to install it on a 18x CD-ROM, VB5 could not run and Windows screwed up after I restarted my PC. I had to track all the way down to an EXE file in the windows\system folder. Now it’s back on track again.”

Members’ Skills Progress
Our ole G-Force’s skill has dropped… poor thing could not Quake for two weeks. Defender seems to be improving by quite a lot while Leric stays at the top still. New fragger, Witch.doc have not been tested yet. Mr. TurboKid is a camper. He got a 0 frags with G-Force on a 1-1 game for 20 minutes while G-Force got a “stucked up 23 frags.” He said, “Damnit, he sucks allrite, but I didn’t say I don’t suck. My skills still sucks. I blew myself up a couple of times, and I could have got at least 35 frags!”.

G-Force learns little Quake alias ‘programming’!?!
Oh yes. He says, “I know Turbo Pascal, QBasic, Batch, little of C, average Visual Basic, and some Java. Guess Quake should be simple enough for me huh?”. He did an alias script for the Rocket Jump. Here’s some commands he got from “hacking” quake and he suggests you people to try. Start a new game and type all the following in your console; r_drawflat 1, r_draworder 1, r_fullbright 1, sv_friction 0, sv_gravity 0, v_idlescale 80, r_speeds 1.

Leric punched G-Force’s eye!?!
#@$%&!!! Damn Leric punched G-Force’s eye. He’s now half-blind. Poor ole thing. He’s in real bad luck these few days. Firstly, his ‘puter spoilt, then his Quake skills dropped. Next, he got punched in the eye. “This world sucks. Leric sucks more. Life is luck, and luck is bad. Jeez…”

The Cyberway ban story and poor TurboKid
Singnet banned the whole of Cyberway from Poor TKid had no choice but to play CTF on or go to slow servers like and

At least something happy for our G-Force…
G-Force is in love, and he intends to let the world know ’bout his girl friend, Huilin. “Hmmm… at least something good happened. She’s very nice to me and she’s very pretty too.”

No Mercy Clan Members and Duties

Bruce Lee Ting Zien (Webmaster, Founder, Recruiter.)

Vincent Han (Assist. Webmsater, Stratergy Planner, President, News Relayer.)

Khor Siang Jiap (Founder, Trainer, Game-Manager.)

Yifan (Assist. News Relayer, Vice President.)

Peh Boon Kiat (Assist. Recruiter, Assist. Stratergy Planner, Vice President.)

What are the duties performed by…

All Clan Members Note:

Clan Thresh

Jon Slapped
Jon Jus
Ah Bong*/*

On Violence and Quake 3 Test: Following the recent shootings in America… what kind of impact does this have on the gaming industry? 


I think it’s paranoid that the media and society at large should feel that violent forms of media encourage violent behaviour. What’s all this about violent games having an effect of desensitisation on impressionable adolescent players? I mean, I play violent games, lots of them. Even if I’ m not online I usually log about half an hour everyday against a Quake ][ Eraserbot. When I am online I lop people’s heads off in Heretic ][. I just finished Requiem which is one of the most violently gratuitous games I’ve seen in my whole life.

You see, if I were truly desensitised to reality I wouldn’t feel pain. I wouldn’t feel cheated. I wouldn’t have had this constant urge to reach out, touch somebody and snap his or her neck when I heard that iD released Q3Test for the infernal semi-translucent hordes of Macintosh computers all around this blasted decaying globe. I wouldn’t feel, right now staring at like going on a hike round my neighbourhood in a trenchcoat holding a butcher knife eviscerating little bunny rabbits to relieve some of the pain of seeing a 21MB Win32 Server file posted next to a 22MB Mac Q3Test. (Ed’s note: Now I’m playing the Linux version…take that! ;)))

What’s that supposed to imply anyway? That all PC users are good for are to play second-fiddle to a bunch of people who use overgrown lollipops masquerading as real computers? That we should use our bandwidth to let set up dedicated servers on 500Mhz Pentium ]|[ Xeon servers just so that a bunch of people using little foppy computers can log in and frag each other? No sir, I don’t like it.

Hate. Waves of all-consuming hate. A blight upon all the employees of Apple Computer Incorporated, may they be devoured by demonic hordes or rampaging rabid bunnies. Slowly, screaming and writhing all the while as their intestines spill out of their eviscerated sternums to fall and slowly dissolve in acidic pools of uber-bunny slobber, their pathetic lives brought to a sudden end by the unstoppable razor-edged jaws of fluffy doom.

I think all PC users should band together in this matter.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. (okay, you can open your eyes to read the rest of this article first) Now pick up something heavy. a phone, a flightstick, a printer, or maybe your keyboard. (Cambridge Soundworks subwoofers are perfect for this) Just toss it around a bit. Think of anybody you know with a G3 and walk over to visit them, holding whatever previous article you selected, say hello, then bludgeon them to death with whatever PC peripheral you happen to be holding. Hide the body, then put on gloves, nab that Mac then come home and install Q3Test.

And get me one while you’re at it. So who says games encourage violence?

And what are you looking at?

Wriiten By:, August 2000

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