The World’s Tallest Buildings: Malaysia’s Petronas Twin Towers, by Cesar Pelli, Richard Thornton, and Leonard Joseph

Courtesy of, Scientific American magazine, December 1997... "The world's tallest buildings, Malaysia's twin towers are a cultural and an economic symbol," by Cesar Pelli, Richard Thornton and Leonard Joseph.

Singaporean Quake Clans: Pepper Crab Clan, Evil Dawgs, Trifixion, No Mercy, and Clan Thresh

Pepper Crab Clan Glossary:

Never Mind Let Go - The generous act of not fragging an enemy, in the situation where the enemy would have been easily fragged.

Lou Sai - Hokkien dialect for diarrhea. An adjective used to describe extremely inept players.

Lousy Guy - Has three different meanings. A player who displays a sudden lack of skill or intelligence, a player who is bullying or Free Fragging you, or a player who simply irritates you.

MRT - Any part of the map, where the player can stand on a moving object in order to move from one part of the map to another.

Nasi Lemak - Our clan code-word to signal a coordinated attack against the enemy team. Don't even ask me how this phrase originated, I refuse to explain it.