Quake II Magazine Archive: August 1997

"As predicted by industry insiders (as in 'inside various important people's colons'), Activision have signed worldwide rights to Quake II. This completes their royal flush of Quake-powered 3D shooters which started with both official id mission packs, then Hexen II, and Sin, the new title from Scourge of Armagon designers, Hipnotic. Few new details about the game were forthcoming, bar a reiteration that Quake II is a complete redesign with nothing carried over from the original game concept except for the Quake Unified Engine (a new version which integrates 3D accelerator support, Windows 95/NT and Internet gameplay all in one bite-sized EXE). So total is the redesign, in fact, that the name 'Quake' may even be dropped. According to the rather flowery press blurb: 'Gamers encounter an entirely new breed of intelligent and aggressive enemies which inhabit a complex matrix of interrelated, non-linear worlds, as players seek to avoid becoming a fine mist of blood and bone.' PC Zone spies, however, report that Quake II levels will be two to three times bigger than the original's maps, and that more diverse weapons will be on hand for less rocket-launcher oriented gameplay. Also, coloured lighting and real-time shadows will only be available in the 3D accelerated version."

BairesLAN Argentina: Buscando Donde Jugar Quake?

Es un evento que se realiza para juntar a todas aquellas personas que tengan interés de pasarlo bien y ser parte de una comunidad de jugadores en red (Lanparty). Actualmente somos los únicos que contamos con la tecnología Switching 10/100/1000 destinada solamente para jugar. Se realiza en un local con una superficie de 112 metros cuadrados en planta baja. Ubicados en el barrio de Villa Urquiza, cerca de la Agronomía. Posee un baño, buena iluminación y ventilación. La dirección es Bucarelli 1267.