Fear My Ascension Clan: Reporter Candy Interviews [X]Kattt and UnderLORD, October 2003

Fear My Ascension Clan: Reporter Candy Interviews [X]Kattt and UnderLORD, October 2003

Ok so this is what I’ve found about Kattt and [FMa]UnderLORD..Q. is the question, K. is for Kattt’s answer and U. is for Underlords.

Q. When did you start playing Quake 2?
K. I started playing on mplayer.. but wasn’t good at all, used to get lots of minuses.. but I kept playing anyway :P
U. Playing 6 or 7 years I can’t remember, since it came out I guess.

Q. What names have you played under?
K. kathy40698, frostkattt, kattt, tqmkattt, and [X]kattt.
U. [JUST]undies, AoHxUnderLORD ( founder of AoHx and was leader for a year and a half) and [FMa]UnderLORD.

Q. What Quake 2 mods do you play?
K. deathmatch, lithium, tourney, instagib, I do rail and rail with hook and dm.. hehe.
U. deathmatch, all weapons ctf and tmg (that’s all I play now).

Q. What’s your favorite Weapon(s)?
K. Rocket Launcher, Railgun, and Super Shotgun.
U. Railgun in all weps Rocketlauncher and Grenade Launcher.

Q. What games do you have/play?
K. Mainly quake 2, but I have counterstrike and quake3, wolf et, and Americans army, and like to play on yahoo, Chinese checkers, pool, and some others.
U. Quake2, Quake2, Quake2, and sometimes BF 1942, tried q3 and a few others.

Q. Computer info?!!?!?! (I gotta know this one!)
K. I have a emachine 2000+ AMD Athlon xp processor 512 ddr ram 60gb hard drive, cd-rw 40x max write, and DVD rom 16x max.
U. Old piece of junk, can’t even run it.. Athlon XP1700 1/2 GIG RAM Geforce 4 Ti500 64 meg.

Q. What do you think of clans?
K. I think clans are very good, when they get together it can be very much fun to play with the others.
U. I think they are great, some aren’t as great as others, clans that are invite only and people that like to play and have fun together and no ego problems.

Q. Who taught you to play Quake2/most about it?
K. Who taught me the most about playing quake 2.. it was Hamster. We used to play all the time.
U. my son, taught me a little bit, also stinky, but the most was AoHxSin.

Q. If you could change something about Quake 2 what would it be?
K. I would change the lag that people get, or locking up.. so that way everyone can enjoy the game.
U. The fact that it does not have bot protections and make it impossible to use bots in it at all.

Q. Anything else you’d like to add?
K. I think q2 is fun.. especially if u know some of the people u are playing with.
I did not get response for UL on this…

Thanks both of you!

    [FMa]Candy Reporter


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