Arizona LANbashers League ‘Dead by Dawn’ LANbash, October 1998

Arizona LANbashers League ‘Dead by Dawn’ LANbash, October 1998


In the early afternoon, around 1pm, several core members made their way to the rendezvous point – The Hoosier Cafe. Over lunch they began the final visualization process, ironing out the specifics all-the-while greeting the ever steady flow of arriving staff while pacing in nervous excitement.

At 2 o’clock sharp, the mass-effort of converting this rather quaint cafe into a virtual battlefield began. Many involved expressed dismay at the rather exaggerated setup crew roster in which there were quite a few pseudo-core members standing around, chatting and getting in the way as the hardcore few danced wildly around them in a constant rush to perfect the site by 5pm, our bash’s designated start-time.

As 5pm rolled around, most everything had been setup and readied. This included the 6 servers on hand donated by Wargazm & Zoner, Eradan, Ralph of Eyon (a silent support sponsor), PhunGuy and Joker. Info packets were handed out at the door and mugshots of each attendee were taken. Inside each info packet there were seating maps, instructions on setting up and a small walkthrough detailing the few necessary steps allowing everyone access to our first ever (and rather well-received) intranet. On our intranet, one could find a time-coordinated schedule of the night’s happenings and the featured server base’s active gaming sessions. Continued study of our intranet in action has made this facet of our network an invaluable work-in-progress; expect to see it change for the better with each upcoming bash.

Dinner Break / Open Network

Dr.SiN’s ‘Death In The Desert’ Quake 2 1-on-1 Tournament

The super-suspensful event of the evening was the Quake 2 1-on-1 tourney, designed and hosted by Dr.SiN. As you might have gathered by now, the A.L.L. is home to MANY very skilled Quake 1 and 2 veterans; all more-than-eager to pop a rocket in yer carcass, just for giggles. Mention your skills as a quaker at one of our bashes, and get ready to back it up! This tournament differed from others in our state, by featuring double-elimination qualification rounds that led into a vicious battle of ‘in-game’ talents and egos. On top of the tourney handling and server administration were Dr.SiN, PhunGuy and D/Overflow – all A.L.L. core members quick to demonstrate their adept handling of multiple tourney sessions and on-the-fly problem resolution.

The ‘Death In The Desert’ Q2 1-on-1 tourney winner was… yup… Jimmie^DO. He not only won the T.A. tourney featured earlier on in the evening, but he also gibbed, railed and mowed down the legions of quake fiends in his path to claim his throne as 1998’s fourth quarter A.L.L. Quake 2 DM Champion. Congrats again Jimbo… you’re borderline UNCANNY.



During the night…

Throughout the night there were games of ALL sorts being played, bashers meeting each other in person for the first time and a generally a cool vibe about the place.

Deathknell’s Total Annihilation LANwar

The Arizona LANbashers League was very proud to feature a Total Annihilation tourney sponsored exclusively by its creators – Cavedog Entertainment. Not only did they hook up the League with TONS of t-shirts, full versions of T.A., expansion packs, hats and posters; but they also advertised us in their immensely popular e-mail newsletter, ‘Dogbyte‘.

Our very own public relations manager, Deathknell wrote up the tourney rules and regulations which can be viewed here. When the tourney ended, a champion stepped forth from the field of battle – Jimmie^DO. With help from our many sponsors, he took home a boxload of sponsor provided goodies. Congrats Jimbo!

Deathknell’s Total Annihilation Tourney Rules

Oct. 3rd, 1998 A.L.L. ‘Dead By Dawn’ LANbash Sponsors

One significant factor that really made this bash a success was the abundance of sponsor donated products and promotionals. Although we had no hardware sponsors, our acquired ‘booty’ and the industry support behind it made it all the more valuable to the players that received it via drawing, or tourney, as well as the hosts that got to give it all away. Cavedog Entertainment, Bawls, Bungie, Mad Genius, iMagic, and Aliensoft.

LANbash Credits & Honorable Mentions

As with any good bash, MANY individuals were responsible for the numerous critical details that most amateur LAN-gamers take for granted. In an attempt to spotlight the few that really busted their butts to make this event the best A.L.L. production yet, we present to you… the proud staff of the October 3rd 1998 ‘Dead By Dawn’ LANbash.
Chillz: Hopping from one photo opportunity to another, Chillz snapped hundreds of pics for the bash. He also designed and ordered the way-cool trophies presented to the 3 finalists in this quarter’s Quake 2 tournament. Thanks for the righteous supplement to the bash bro!
Deathknell: From this bash’s conception until its end, Deathknell was up to his elbows in work. Not only did he develop a press-release on the A.L.L. that was published in the local mag ‘AZ Computer User’, but he also designed the T.A. tourney, transported TONS of equipment to and from the bash site, busted ass during setup, laid cabling, helped nail down this event’s sponsors, and helped clean up the Hoosier after our invasion. Next time you see him, give him a pat on the back… whatta guy.
Defiant! As silent and well-mannered our pal Defiant! is, many onlookers were blown away after the bash when he somehow kicked into some strange overdrive mode and started cleaning the Hoosier like a crazed demon! He appeared as a blur to most and after remaining in one spot long enough, all that could be seen of him was sweat flying and arms flailing in a cleaning frenzy. Damned good work man!
Demonisa: Sitting ever-vigilant at the registration desk, Demonisa snagged mugshots of players, signed up the never-ending stream of attendees, helped out with the prize giveaways, supplied the many video zombies present with food and even got in a little homework! Now THERE’S a woman that knows how to utilize her time effectively! Thanks Demonisa!
D/Overflow: Helping administrate the Q2 1-on-1 tourney on his own machine (ultimately denying himself access to his own games), D/Overflow helped provide configuration support for many of the servers present at this bash. Now THATS dedication… all hail “D”-man!!!
Dr.SiN: Designer of the legendary ‘Death In the Desert’ Quake 2 1-on-1, the doctor rallied up the troops, got them bashing, admin’ed several Q2 tourney servers, kept track of the mutilation that ensued and presented the trophies. Later, he gave the bashers a sneak preview of his company (Creative Carnage, LLC)’s latest work in progress “A World Gone Dead” (the 1st total conversion for Unreal). Thanks Doc!
Eradan: Eradan, Eradan, Eradan… amidst his constant jokes, prying and happy-go-lucky attitude, the resident ‘mini-LAN god’ provided essential support in the setup of our LAN and its cabling (both electric and network). With his donation of a righteous server for the bash, we were able to get more gamers gaming! He also pulled us out of certain disaster after whipping out a non-accounted for hub, and setting it up after we noticed that one of ours wasn’t present. Our commendations bud!
GPz: One of the hardest working server admins you’ll EVER meet. Helping physically build, setup and tweak most of this event’s servers weeks before the bash – he constructed, tested, perfected and utilized the A.L.L. Q2 Server Launcher across all active servers, an invention of his own construction. MAN does it help out! Keep this up and we’ll be forced to build a shrine in your honor GPz!!!
Jimmie: Helping secure the Hoosier with his mom (the owner), Jimmie proved once again that hosting another rowdy bash at the Hoosier can be alot of fun. On top of allowing us to setup and bash all night, he also allowed HIMSELF to win both of the night’s tourneys (Q2 and Total Annihilation)… that earns him the title of ‘LANbash Legend’.
Joker: Resident ‘Network Guru’ and ‘Cable Lord’. Without Joker and his keen eye for resolving miscommunications and network related illnesses(!), the League would be at a great loss. Quick with the crimpers, Joker put himself to work as always and constructed specialty cabling in NO time flat. He also supplied the event with a kick-butt server that many bashers treated as ‘home’.
Nahual: At the last minute, Nahual called in and cancelled his spot at the bash… from what we hear, he wasn’t doing so hot – he was REALLY sick. Even misery couldn’t stop him from showing up later on and lending a hand by taking numerous photos all the while donating his patented brand of Pinche humor. Thanks again Nahual, you da man!!!
Oloff: Providing our bash with an ever-watchful eye and his much appreciated strength, Oloff never ceases to amaze us. At times we saw him picking up three 8 foot tables with 20 chairs stacked on top of them at once! Well, maybe not at once – but he made the initial tear-down and set-up a breeze.
Orgasmatron: Responsible for gathering and updating the piles o’ files on our new web-server, Org also provided transportation for some of the huge tables present at the bash. Thanks for haulin the load guy!
Panzy Of Death: Minutes after introducing himself to the core members upon arrival, Panzy promptly approached Wargazm and asked, “What can I help out with man?… anything…” – seconds after that, he was a tornado of help; laying cabling, resolving connectivity issues with newbies, troubleshooting network throughput situations and taking charge of myriads of other tasks. This man knows how to get things done. Panzy, we salute you!!!
Phunguy: Providing the League with a mean-boy server and upgrading a few A.L.L. server NICs, Phunguy proved again that no bash is complete without his honorable presence and help. Later on that night, along with SiN and D/Overflow, Phunguy ran the massive slew of servers involved with the Q2 tourney.When he first showed up, Phun setup a huge UPS, protecting the tourney servers from a freak surge later that night.
Wargazm: This man never sleeps, if he did nothing would ever get done. He is the one who tries to make sure that all the other people on this page are going in the right direction. In between doing that, he contacted many sponsors and scored all the rad clothing and games, designed the intranet page, scheduled the nights events, and hauled all the A.L.L. Servers. For this bash, he was another investor for our network equipment.
WendigO: Handling registration with a giggle and a smile – WendigO made sure everyone got signed-in, photographed, seated and on their merry-bashing way. She also organized and took charge of this event’s food situation. When the time came around to serve it up, she got the group lined up and fed with the help of fellow registration buddy Demonisa. After the event, her help cleaning up the place REALLY paid off. Thanks girlie!
Zoner: Without Zoner, this bash would have never happened. Providing blood, sweat and tears to this event, Zoner designed the circuit map, network layout, seating map and then refined almost every aspect of this event. Digging deep into his own pockets, he helped to fund the A.L.L.’s pre-bash purchases and make the community’s dreams a reality. On top of this all, Zoner designed the info-packet that each attendee received upon entry – a trend we’ll be sure to follow through with from here on out.

Arizona Lanbashers League: All Frag, No Lag

Arizona LANbash Reviews

Creative Carnage, 1998

Andy’s Art Attack, 1998

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