The Original Clan Eagle

The Original… Clan Eagle

Welcome to Clan Eagle’s web page. Clan Eagle is a Quake 2 Capture the Flag clan based at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Clan Eagle was founded January 27, 1998. We are mainly a capture the flag clan, but we deathmatch as well. If you see a ^CE^ appended to anyone’s name in Quake 2, It’s probably one of our members.

Right now the clan is not active.  When Quake 3 Arena is released, the clan will become active.  Quake 3’s release date?  When it’s done…

IRC Channel:  #clan_eagle @ — Not Active as of April 30, 1999

E-Mail: or

This pic was done with the Quake Scene Browser and show a couple of the clan’s skins on three models. Clan Eagle custom Male skins by Pilotz, Shadow and Trufyre. Female and Battroid skins by Lensman

Clan Eagle News

Febuary 10th, 1999

Yep its been awhile since the last update so here it goes.

Ummm, there isnt really that much.  We have the OGL matches, but thats about it for now.  Oh yea, we are one year old! Woohoo!

December 13th, 1998

Ok, last match we moped the floors of Stronghold Oposition with CoD’s bodys defenindg or position on the OGL ladder.

We also have an IRC channel registered on, #clan_eagle.

Happy Holidays, and good luck on your finals!

Also, been meaning to do this, the FTP server is up on Trufyre’s server, click here to go there.  It will be offline during the break though.  You can upload anything Quake 2 related that will benifit the clan and other Quake players.

November 23rd, 1998

Dang it has been ahile since i updated.Alot has happend, and we have lost a couple battles for the OGL because of unorganiztion and busyness.

Lets see… we have played 4 matches since the last update.  We have lost to Divide and Conquer, Thrustmaster, Ass Kickers Anonymous, and Tiger P Klan, but we have been in this slump for too long to not get a victory. 

I also updated the Archive with the results.

Septembet 30th, 1998

Back in the web groove again…

    Just got the old version of Frontpage up, so this will look a little better.

Match will probably be a forfiet win :(

    The Silent Revolution is defintly being silent.  I have challenged them for a match on the OGL Ladder, but the have not responded as of yet.

September 23th, 1998

    We won the match we played against Brotherhood of Steel. 4-0 was the final capture score. I posted some screenshots as well. This was an offcial match for the Quake 2 CTF Ladder at

    The scrimmage that was supposed to go down last night never did because most of the Large Scale Destruction clan felt like leaving early.

September 20th, 1998

    We won the scrimmage we played against Kittens Litter last nite. Screenshots of the scores on the Past Battles page. Good work to everyone including Kitten’s Litter on a fine scrimmage.

Sepetember 14th, 1998

    Updtaed the server page(Aviaries) with the NEW server! woohoo!

    We have a match Wednesday at 9:30pm with Kittens Litter.

    We have another match Tuesday the 22nd with LsD

    I have also signed us up for the OGL Q2-CTF Ladder. Go here for the rules and the map pack.

September 9th, 1998

    We are giong to Hooters at 7pm Thursday night

September 2nd, 1998

    Second day of classes over, Second year of Clan Eagle beginning!

    Check your email!

    Nothing scheduled yet.

    Clan Eagle grabs some hOOters! in pre-planning stage. (‘Clan Eagle Goes to Hooters for some Wings’ is the PC description)

August 19th, 1998

    Added this web site to the Quake 2 CTF Web Ring.

    My new computer doesnt seem to want to work with Windows 98. I think I need to replace the motherboard or maybe the memory. But it may just be the hard drive. Who knows. Right now I am hoping to have a computer that is stable before school starts in 13 days. If I can not get it to work correctly before then I’ll let someone else cover for me in schedluing some matches for you guys until I get up and running.

August 9th, 1998

    I think I am finished getting the pages moved.  If there are any problems…. TELL ME!!  I would like to fix them asap.  I removed the demos, since i am very limited to space.  All the demos ziped up took 7MBs by themselves!   If you want any of them, just tell me and ill send them to you.

    The frames on these pages should look like they were meant to from 800×600 to 1600×1200 resolution in both IE4 and Netscape 4, and they are even Lynx compatible!  I tested it at all the resolutions in between, and seemed fine.   640×480 looked ok, but its not perfect at that resolution.

August 7, 1998

    Just uploaded the pictures to the new host. The demos and calculator will have to go up later. The some html pages were overlooked by me. They should be up soon along with the rest of the pages. My goal is to get the pages completely up and running before school starts, which is completely possible.

    I also made a misc page if you havent already noticed it. It wont ever be done since ill add stuff to it constantly.

July 28, 1998

All Clean.   

    Just cleaned out my mail folders that were being stored on the school server. Now i have some space to put up the rest of the archive. Expect it in the next couple of days…..

   If any of you have any cool screenshots, I’ll put them up. Just email them to me

July 25, 1998


    Oops… this new host is not in Alaska as I recently said.  The clan that runs the host is in Alaska.

Looking into the future…….

    I have downloaded the ICQ Groupware beta softare, a different version of ICQ meant for corporations to implement thier own ICQ Servers.  The software allows us to start our own ICQ server in case AOL decides to make us pay for normal use of ICQ.  Hopefully that will not happen just because there are several millon people that use ICQ and there would be mutiny if AOL started charging for basic use of ICQ.  The software is familier to pre 98 versions of ICQ, so it does not have some minor features that the current full ICQ has, but it will do nicely foir our purposes if the need arises.

Prepare for Fall!

    Yes, August is rapily approaching, and soon it will pass and then we will be back at school.  A week after school starts i hope to have the first match of fall scheduled just to allow people to get settled and stuff.

July 24, 1998

New host!?! Alaska?

Yes a new host! will be the location of the main files for now to aliviate the new server come September. They have also given us some email addresses to use. This server is in Alaska, and I seem to have an ok connection from here in South Florida.

    Quake 2 version 3.17 is out.

    Catch the Chicken is also now out and is a fun/cool/leet/wacky/entertaining/different q2mod that I recomend. (and may be the only way to pick up a chick at Riddle) 

    Loki’s Tournement Edition CTF version 4 is out.

    Ummm, that is about it unless you want to hear me ramble about my current life….….

May 30, 1998

    Whoa, an update!

    We fought the Red Dragon Clan for week 4 of the Q2CTFL.  Check out what happend on the past battles page.

    Quake 2 version 3.15 is out.  The server is updated.   Right now its set up for DM to take advantage of the 3.15 features until the new CTF is out.  More people seem to be coming to it. :)

April 22, 1998

    Our final match this fall semester went very well.  We fought the Killer Klowns again, and tied again.  They won the first match, and we won the second match.

    Shut down the web server completely.  Quake 2 server will be running till Lensman leaves campus.  He will have a Quake 2 server set up over Summer A, but that is it.  He will notify you guys of the IP when the time comes.

    And good luck to the members that are staying over Summer A to get some classes over and finish the Q2CTFL.

    Thanks for the hard work everyone has put in this semester and keep it up for next Fall when we will be back!!!!!

April 20, 1998

    Final match before we all leave for the summer Tuesday at 9pm with the Killer Klowns.  Yankee, Yossarian, Quantom, Raptor, Pilotz and Lensman will be playing.  We’ll meet at the private CTF server, which will be active at 8pm.   Goto the private pages to brush up on what Pilotz and Yossarian will be doing during the match.

April 19, 1998

    Thats it! We are moved to our new location. is it.  It is slow, but i dont have a network connection anymore.

    Hooters last night was fun, and I’m glad you all made it.

April 17, 1998

    We lost against FLEA.  I dont know the exact score.  They are a pure DM clan, we are a CTF clan.  Oh well.

    Saturday 9pm, we are going to hOOters as a clan.  If you need a ride, contact Lens.

    Private pages updated.  Check it out!!  Especially if you are going on offense with a buddy!  There are some good binds too.

April 14, 1998

    Looks like the server completely crashed earlier today.  Not just the Quake 2 server but the WHOLE thing.  Of course i wasn’t here until 11pm to fix it.  If you are reading this, it is fixed.

April 13, 1998

    The match went well with Tera.  All the info is up in the Archive.

    Got a DM Scrimmage set up for Thursday night at 9pm with FLEA

April 10, 1998

    Fuck the World Clan just cancelled the match tonight.  There will be no match until Monday at 7pm with Tera.  This match will be for the Q2CTFL.

April 8, 1998

    Last night we got rocked by Killer Klowns on both maps.  But this time we actually got some captures!  Total score for the night was 16-5. yuk.

    Something new on the private web page.  Important stuff!  If you dont know the address, Lens will tell you.

    Looks like the Q2CTFL is back on its feet.  We won be default (again) to the Sixin’s Fire Dragon Clan.   We will be playing Tera for week 3 hopefully on Saturday, 9pm.

    Clan party coming up, no details yet but it will be off campus for beer related reasons.  It looks like it will be the 18th of April (Saturday).

    Screenshots of the battle last night are up.

    A lot of new information on the Squabble(competioin) page.   more Importatn information there too.

    Main page also updated if you didnt allready see it.  More important information.

April 7, 1998

    Welcome a new member HOOSIER!

    A match with Fuck the World clan Friday night at nine.

    Updated the clan waiting list.

April 6, 1998

    Demos from the Killer Klown match from Raptors point of view have been uploaded.

    Calculator with the clans logo is also here.  They are in the Archive section.

    A rematch with the Killer Klowns is tomorrow night at 9pm.  The list of players so far is as follows:  Pilotz, Viper Quantom, Pijoe, Lensman, and Raptor.  There might be one more person if the Killer Klowns can get another person to play.

April 4, 1998

    Updated:  Just got some info that the third map wasn’t official.  So it was a tie last night.  We had fun last night with the Killer Klowns.  They won, but not wihtout a fight.  The first match they won with two captures in twenty minutes (q2ctf1), and on the second map (q2ctf4), we had one capture.  We will have the third map probably Tuesday.  The two clans are pretty evenly matched up.  Very fun night indeed.  A demo from Lensman chasing people from the first two maps are up in the Past Battle Archive.

    Updated the clan battle waiting list.

    New logo up.  Check Archive.

    Welcome Champ to the team!

April 2, 1998

    A CTF match scheduled with the Killer Klown Klan.  Tomorrow at 8pm.  Would like to meet at 7:45 just to get everything set up.

    Clan WP has challenged us.  The clan battle waiting list is updated.  Check the Squabble & Join page.

    Attention: Anyone who got the Raptor vs Shinji demo before today, redownload it.  I put the wrong one on the web page.  You should notice it just loops.  If you have it and it doesnt loop, you are ok.

    Also added a teaser for a map Lensman is working on.  Check the archive for the skinny.

March 31, 1998

    Added a DM demo of Shinji and Raptor fighting.

March 29, 1998

    We attempted to fight USCMC last night but…. they could not get their act together.  Check the archive — past battles for a pic of what we actually got done!

March 28, 1998

    The ‘Fuck the World’ clan has challenged us.  Check the Squabble and Join page for the waiting list.

    1v1 demo posted in archive.

March 26, 1998

    The god Mode Enabled clan has joined our clan.  Welcome Quantom, Pijoe, Raptor, and Shinji.

    The battle with the United States Colonial Marine Corp is Saturday at 9 PM!  I would like to have a practice starting at 8PM.  Be prepared to implement the auto messages I talked about in the email.  Also be ready and used to the idea that weapons will not stay there.  We have to implement weapons control.   The Q2CTFL Tournament rules say that the weapons stay is OFF.

March 25, 1998

    This new web site is now open!

    The Archive is now complete for the time being.

    Partial Rules for the rankings are up.

    Added a clan battle waiting list.  Should We keep it?

March 23, 1998

    New web site under construction!  Thanks Yossarian for the idea to just use the Frontpage editor.

    This site compared to the second one should be a lot easier to maintain.

Clan Eagle Members

The rank designations are as follows:

                      0-3     –    Chicken

                    4-8     –    Albatross

                    9-16     –    Condor

                    17-32     –    Hawk

                    33-n     –    Eagle

Rules for points earned:

    Each time you fight with the clan in a sceduled clan battle you earn four points

    Each time you go 1 vs 1 DM with someone within the clan and win, you get one point.  This is just for getting extra points.  You can only challenge people at a higher rank than you. You can only have one official challenge per week.  You also have to have proof  of the win.  A screenshot of the scoreboard is considered proof.  F12 is usually bound to the screenshot function of Quake 2.  Since there is no spectator mode in DM, i guess a witness is out of the question.  The 1v1 should be planned(sort of).  The map on the DM server should be restarted.  This can be done at the console.  Type ‘RCON MAP (mapname here)’.  Without the quotes and paranthesis.  Of course the RCON password must be set.  ICQ me for the password.  I guess the maxclients should be set two two to keep unwanted people out.  Message me for the details on doing all this if you dont know already.  Or, you can just set up your own server for the match.

Clan Eagle Screenshots

5/1998 Clan Eagle versus Tera (W, 1-0) Match for the Q2CTFL on McKinley Revival Q2CTF1

Here is the coolest screenshot I have gotten from my corrupt Voodoo Graphics Accelerator. Just had to let everyone know that it is my COMPUTER trippn’, not ME! :)  This is the final score for the match.

1/18/1999 Clan Eagle versus Shadow Hunters (L, 10-12) Match for Q2 CTF Ladder on McKinley Revival Q2CTF1

Clan Eagle Q2CTF Competitions

The Battle with God Mode Enabled Clan

History of Clan Eagle’s Battles

Clan Eagle Archive

Lensman’s Hit List

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