Destroy All Monsters Arena Style Mod for Quake 2

New from Cor Entertainment… An experience in pure horror and blood pumping action. A tribute to the greatest films of all time! A game unlike any other: Battle amazing creatures over 20 stories high! Fight in truly realistic cities and landscapes! Witness the destruction of mankind!


Quake Football League: QFL and KOTS Quake 2 mods by Norb

In speaking with this major prick of the Strogg and telling him about Earth, you acquire a signal to Earth's television broadcasts.  You flick through the channels, but he keeps stopping you at a football game.  He was very impressed how one team just marched up and down the field, totally decimating the other team.  He comments on how fun the game could be with weapons.  They were probably watching the Eagles (I'm from Philly).  A deal is made and a date is set, the battle over planet Earth will occurr on a football field.  Team Marine vs. Team Strogg.

A story about #gaming. The year was 1998. by Andreas Blom

Online gaming was just ridding itself of diapers.  A scant few massively multiplayer games existed (Lineage for one, it was released that year). Quake 2 was the game to play, having been released the year before. A childhood friend of mine, (Asmodai by name) invited me to play a new mod for Quake 2. The mod was called Loki's Minions Capture the Flag - #LMCTF , the first Capture the Flag modification for Quake 2, released the day after the Quake 2 source code was released.

The Bates Motel: The DISTRUCTION III Freakshow 2nd/3rd Oct. 1999

'Quaddicted' sein koenntest? Gibt's ruhig zu!!!!! Ich denke, dass eine Problemseite wie diese wirklich weiterhelfen wuerde! Vielleicht gibts ja auch einen Verein oder sowas. Ja, vielleicht sogar die anonymen Quaker. Ich denke das Ihr sonst in 2-3 Jahren alle dort sitzen und zittern werdet und Euch ueber die Zeit unterhalten werden, wo wir noch "drauf "wahren!!! - Unsicher? - Verwirrt? - Durcheinander? - yu lange RailOnlz geyockt? - keine Panik!