Rabbit Clan: Bienvenue chez les RABBIT

Houla, bordel fait chier merde putain j’ai les boules !!!!! Mes super parents m’ont viré le modem et le clavier, mais j’en ai trouvé et donc je peux qd meme me connecter en “fraude” mais c’est très chaud et pas souvent !!


The MadMappers: Quake II CTF and Deathmatch Maps by Cool Tool and Uni[NaD]

Cool Tool, his wife, and I were playing S.S. Fragger (the map that used to be named Outer) on Wildcat's server. Holy crap! I swear, it has to be the funnest map I have ever played on! He has all kinds of stuff going on. I thought the funnest part of the whole ordeal was chasing Mr. Tool down with an 8x railgun trying to get my flag back =) Also, there is the possibility of a very popular server running it! I can't wait to see it played somewhere! He got this one done fast too! So our next update will most likely have two maps, Beam Me Up Scotty! and S.S. Fragger. That's the MadMappers at work for ya =)