The Tubby Bomb Factory, by Tony “Hafhead” Hafner

Tony ‘Hafhead’ Hafner: “I was cleaning up my Quake2 directory and came across a file mysteriously named ‘tbfpre.bsp’. I had completely forgotten about my ‘Tubby Bomb Factory’ that I had been working on when I stopped doing Quake2 levels.”

“This is my first, and probably my last, custom skybox. What a legacy.”

“Yes, this thing is spinning.”

“These are moving conveyor belts. I had planned on supplying a steady stream of grenades / rockets via these. Yes, a triangle in the blue base. Let’s pretend it’s the purple base.”

“This texture and the blue version are animated and all over the map, scrolling in the direction indicated. It’s a very stimulating effect.”

“This overview shot is taken from a point floating outside the map.”

L-Fire CTF Mapping Legend Tony ‘Hafhead’ Hafner: “These are Quake2 CTF levels I made for the 2nd LFire map pack, released in November 1999.:

“This one was inspired by a DM map, IKDM1 by Iikka Keränen. With his permission, I copied one of his rooms for the flag room, and then expanded on that architecture to fill out the rest of the map.”

“I had grand plans for a followup map to this particular one, but I’m pretty sure that will never happen. That’s fine by me- I’ve moved on to other hobbies.”

“This map was started long before the others. It features really bland texturing and fancy lighting effects.”

“This particular map is my favorite of the bunch. It was only added to the map pack at the last minute, and seems to be the most popular of MY levels by far. I backported it to Quakeworld a long time ago, but never publicly distributed it.”

“Here it is, as set up in my office. I mounted a blacklight on the underside of the bookshelf. To boost the light’s effectiveness, I used a Lego tub to bring the display closer.”

“Fritz, my first car. This must have been pretty close to the end of his service life, though I think it was before I bought a spare Fiesta for parts.”

“Set the Wayback machine to 1987 or so. On second thought, let’s not go back.”

-Excerpt and images courtesy of Flickr, “Tubby Bomb Factory,” by Hafhead, December 2, 2008

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