The Tubby Bomb Factory, by Tony “Hafhead” Hafner

"L-Fire CTF Mapping Legend Tony 'Hafhead' Hafner: "I was cleaning up my Quake2 directory and came across a file mysteriously named 'tbfpre.bsp'. I had completely forgotten about my 'Tubby Bomb Factory' that I had been working on when I stopped doing Quake2 levels."

Hafhead Gets L-Fire Feedback in 2011

Legendary Quake 2 CTF mapper hafhead stopped by AcmeCTF in 2011:,3430.msg50457.html "Hey- I haven't been into Quake for a long time... but lately I started looking into some levels that I made a LONG time ago, and seeing that they saw a heck of a lot more Q2 play then I ever did.  I'm …

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