PaTMaNs Games — Quake 2 Maps, Sniper Guide, and Action Quake 2 Tips

PaTMaN’s Quake 2 Maps

MBG City — July 27, 2000

Action Quake 2: Deathmatch, Teamplay — 2 small cities joined by 2 long tunnels with doors.

MBG City2 — July 27, 2000

Action Quake 2: Deathmatch, Teamplay — 2 small cities joined through a building and through a sewer.

BlockFort — July 27, 2000

Action Quake 2: Deathmatch, Teamplay — Remake of Mario Kart 64’s Blockfort level for Nintendo 64. Put gravity to 50 and have more fun!

PaTMaN’s Garden — July 27, 2000

Action Quake 2: Deathmatch, Teamplay — A garden maze. Fast paced action that will help you aim better and react quicker. Favored by me and others.

Shark Bait! — July 31, 2000

Authors: PaTMaN, SlipKnot, Ryo-ohki, NIGHT

Action Quake 2: Deathmatch, Teamplay — 2 docks with diving boards on water. 19 sharks and 1 huge whale in the water!

PaTMaN’s Free Fall! — January 20, 2001

Action Quake 2: Deathmatch — Just like skydiving! Hit the center of the bullseye and a bomb goes off in 4 sec.

PaTMaN’s 9 Towers — January 22, 2001

Action Quake 2: Deathmatch — 9 towers connected by walkways. Each tower has a weapon and ammo for that weapon.

Death on Ice — February 17, 2001

Action Quake 2: Deathmatch, Teamplay — 1 big ice rink (with jumps), 1 small ice rink, 2 locker rooms, and 1 room with a booth. This map rules for DM!!!

PM City 1 — February 28, 2001

Action Quake 2: Deathmatch, Teamplay — A small city with a small hotel and other areas. There is a stack of boxes in an outside area of the map. There is a special jump technique that must be used to jump ontop of the boxes (other than 100+ fps.)

Dirtbike Track 1 — March 25, 2001

Action Quake 2: Deathmatch, Teamplay, Jumping, Racing, Whatever! — A dirtbike track. Has a jump meter for finishes. 10 is highest. Heights 8-10 are announced. Lotsa fun! Button on right side of start place (not in pic) lowers invisible walls to keep people from cheating while racing!

Dirtbike Track 3 – Dirtbiking in the Desert — April 12, 2001

Action Quake 2: Deathmatch, Teamplay, Jumping, Racing, Whatever! — My second dirtbike track. This one is in the desert. 2 height meters in here. One in a canyon for jumping up the wall (my best: 10) and one for jumping up the side of a rock (my best so far: 9). Press the “Canyonize” buttons to have small canyons form / fill-in at the sites. Have fun! Text file for more info.

From the Text file

My second dirtbike track. This one is in the desert. 2 Height meters in here. One in a canyon for jumping up the wall (My best: 10) and one for jumping up the side of a rock (my best so far: 7). Press the “Canyonize” buttons to have small canyons form/fill-in at the sites. Have fun! 2 Extra gate positions have been added since racing with more people is fun. Press the button behind the gates (actually just walk over to it. There are invis triggers. Button will make a sound but do nothing really :) to make the gates drop in 4 seconds. You will hear a voice say “4…3…2…1…GO!”. I realized that people can kick the gates open at anytime. If this happens, the gates will be outta sync. To get it back in sync, press the button so that the side gates are down and the front swinging gate is up. Then kick the gate again.

PaTMaN’s Sniper Guide / Action Quake 2 Tips

You could say this isn’t really a guide, but you can learn a lot off of this random stuff I am throwing down that I use myself.

You should be able to adapt to all pings quickly. Just take some shots and it will stick (well, does for me).

I say a low ping as not needed. You just need to have good strategies and how to RUN RUN RUN! I know a lot about the quake2 game itself. Running speeds, walking, jumping height, special jumping… This helps me a lot, especially in new levels. I learn levels fast. I am more of a visual learner. I like to pick apart levels as best I can. I study each level to knowing the general time it takes people to run full speed from corner to corner and I place a shot right into them.

Count other people’s shots. This really helps in one on ones since you know how much ammo they have left.

Learn to take corners very quickly to the point where you can take a small ledge at full speed, at a 90-degree turn. It isn’t that hard.

I use 6 sensitivity all the time for my mouse (6 diff for everyone I guess). I am almost always in 2x with my scope, even when not in battle.

I use slippers almost always while sniping. I see it as why use any other item since your footsteps just give you away.

Learn to move around levels very quickly! I use the guerrilla tactics most often. Shoot someone from one side. If they didn’t die, I run around them quickly and take another shot unless I have a better shot where I was and not under fire.

Learn to take the tops of ladders quickly. This means to not go airborne for a sec at the top every time. Do this by rolling the mouse at the top of the ladder, in the direction of the ledge you are going on to. DO NOT press the jump button though since you will perform a ladder jump. If done right, you will most of the time stick right onto the ledge.

Know all shortcuts, camping spots, escape routes for each level. Urban levels have great escape routes from almost any position. Mostly the high elevation positions, so take them over.

Don’t bother reloading your sniper rifle when it is out if there is another one on the ground. Drop your current one and pick up the new one. Now you should have a fully loaded sniper rifle. This sometimes doesn’t work though. Maybe it is because I started to reload, then dropped it in the middle of reload and picked a new one up.

When sniping people from high elevations, I sometimes don’t even move my view around. I just watch the paths that the people are taking. Most of the time, they string some strafe jumps together, which makes an easy target of them because of their strait line movement. Place the crosshair at the next part of their line and fire when they are close. Head or chest shot.

When in close combat, keep your view still and dance around with strafe, duck, and jump. Watch where the person is moving because it is repeated over and over again most of the time; flick your mouse into position and fire. I find that sometimes the hardest shots are the times when the people are standing still. It takes me more time to shoot someone standing still most of the time. Kind of ironic.

Always use stereo sound when playing! Very important if you want to play your best. I have been playing action quake for over 4 years (truthfully. look up “PaTMaN[BAD]JOINCLAN” on the CLQ. That is my first aq clan. oct 11 1998), this is why people like to call me a bot sometimes too…, i am so adapted to the sound of the game, that i can flick my mouse and shoot any sound made no matter where it is (as long as i can hear it). Doesnt matter if it is a teammate or just a sound made by the world. I just shoot it.

I also realized that, in levels like TJ, I can notice people easier since the level looks different than usual. EX: Other side of map. You turn quickly and see a slant with a bump on it. Theres your guy.

Learn the weapon damage chart i made. You would be able to count damage inflicted on enemies and actually get their exact amount of health sometimes.

Example: You hit someone in: Vest, Vest, Vest, Legs with M4. 9+9+9+22 = 49 damage off their health. so they would have 51 health. But since they are bleeding, add 3 more on since your bleeding stops after 3 seconds of bandage and you bleed 1 health per second. That means they have 48 health left. If they were in a fight for 10 seconds and didnt get hit and then bandaged, then that would be an extra 10 health off. So 49+10+3 = 62 health off. Gives them 38 health left. This sometimes comes to guessing, but it helps a lot if it is a 1v1 :)

If you are fighting someone close combat and there is someone above you also (enemy) shooting at you, dont pay attention to the guy dancing around you and take out the person above you since they are the easiest target (most of the time). This is because they dont expect you to look up at them. They think they havent even been noticed. Watch the birdie!

Always use gl_shadows 1 . This helps a lot since you can see peoples shadows when they jump over you or are on sides of ledges or buildings. Or sometimes through small walls.

Don’t look at a 1 (you) VS 4 situation as a guaranteed loss to you. Look at it like “Good! More targets”

Don’t be afraid to just take random shots, they sometimes pay off.

Good music sometimes will get you going if you are playing bad.

Use the Quake2 Game Engine to your advantage. Slants sometimes save huge falls. Chopping occurs from far distances and u can see people through thin walls (Ex: Actcity3 in small floating room at 1 end). Stand away from thin walls like those when hiding.

Try to get close to people if ur bandaging and they are shooting at you. You can hop around them easier and dodge more bullets. But don’t run out of good cover while bandaging right at an m4 :/.

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