Bouncers, Kebabs and Ruby Murries by Leo Lucien-Bay aka Dr. Nemesis

Bouncers, Kebabs & Ruby Murries ('Bouncers' for short) took about a year and a half of pre-production in which time we learned new things, forgot some of those things, and made a Machinima series quite unlike any to date.

Machinima LIVE! weekly PODcast for Machinima filmmakers and enthusiasts!

Machinima LIVE! is a podcast from 2005 / 2006 produced by digital Phil and Doc Nemesis, with content such as:  The art of Machinima and its evolution. Why produce machinima? Machinima production. Point of View discussion - The good, bad and ugly. Machinima reviews. Interview with Machinima producers. Dr. Nemesis talks about his Machinima experience and Bouncer episodes. Relevant Machinima news and tidbits from around the world. Progressive-House music taken from ACIDplanet. Surprises along the way!