Dragons: Quake II Kung Fu Machinima by Leo Lucien-Bay aka Dr. Nemesis

Dragons: Quake II Kung Fu Machinima by Leo Lucien-Bay aka Dr. Nemesis

This is a Kung-fu style flick and took 2 months to make. It was a big experiment in animation, and this is the first time we used the MD3 modified version of our engine. We hoped this would win some awards and was nominated for Best Sound, and Best Writing. The sound effects were designed by ex member Daniel Brandt, the music composed by professional musician, David J. Franco, and some 2d art (on the left) by the infamous Psionic.

A unique piece of Machinima, Dragons is about self feeding evil, if u MUST have the story, after that enjoy the fight. A vast improvement from the fight and animation in Bouncer Please, however was only done with CFX. Caters both for the art, and the action flick fans. Enjoy.



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