Bouncers, Kebabs and Ruby Murries by Leo Lucien-Bay aka Dr. Nemesis

Bouncers, Kebabs and Ruby Murries by Leo Lucien-Bay aka Dr. Nemesis

Bouncers, Kebabs & Ruby Murries (‘Bouncers’ for short) took about a year and a half of pre-production in which time we learned new things, forgot some of those things, and made a Machinima series quite unlike any to date.

The series follows the rivalry of two competing nightspots. ‘Bouncer’ and his friends work at a popular nightclub, while ‘Knuckles’ and his mates work in a dank pub that can’t give the beer away for free. But this is nothing special….

Not known by the everyday customer, our heroes and villains are champions among men, bestowed with abilities beyond those of the average human being! Of course, one MUST be super human in order to manage the unruly customers and nightly crises! But who will keep the unruly Bouncers in check?


Like we said this project is unlike any other. We use a combination of the Quake 2 and Quake 3 engine (curtsey of EGL) to make our films, but more importantly, unlike most Machinima films, Bouncers is set in a brand new, original world, and not borrowing from any game. Every piece has been lovingly built from the virtual ground upwards to bring as cinematic an experience as we possibly can (Hell, it’s filmed in Cinemascope).

So, sit back and enjoy the ruckus.  If you like what you see feel free to hit the forumsYou’re feedback isn’t just helpful, it’s essential to the series.

Bouncers, Kebabs and Ruby Murries Episode 1

What better way to start this tale than with the bad guys? Little Guvna and his gang don’t like being messed about. If you owe em some money it’s in you’re best interests to pay it back in full, and in a timely fashion. You never know when they’re looking for someone to make an example off.

Sit back and enjoy the ruckus.

Bouncers, Kebabs and Ruby Murries Episode 2

And now… the good guys. They may not look like superheros just yet, but they all gotta start somewhere. Howevwer, the guys just aren’t pulling their weight and Bouncer has had enough of it! One man can’t combat the never ending hoardes of rowdy punters by himself, and ofcourse Bouncer isn’t one to suffer in silence.

Yes, finally after infinate delays epsiode 2 is ready. If it wasn’t broken power supplies it was bugs in the engine. There was literally a problem at every turn. Thats what you get for trying to push the envelope. We’ve learned our lesson.

Sit back and enjoy the ruckus. You’ll love this one.

Bouncers, Kebabs and Ruby Murries Episode 3

So Bouncer got his wish. You’d think that’d make him happy, but of course he’s as moody as ever. But can the barman turned doorman cut it in the mean hectic world of bouncing? He seems pretty shy… can I say pushover?

I think we were much quicker getting this episode out (what did it take, 2 weeks?) so maybe we’re getting better at cleaning em up. This one is a short 2:50 but that also means u get a nice small 5MB download that everyone can afford.

Sit back and enjoy the ruckus.

Bouncers, Kebabs & Ruby Murries: Machinima that chews glass

Bouncers, Kebabs & Ruby Murries Machinima that chews glass

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